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How to get the Secret Lord Vexxos worth 500K Gil

How to get the Secret Lord Vexxos worth 500K Gil

FFXV contains a number of activities and mini-games but none have a more lucrative reward than the Justice Monsters Five machine which can earn you Final Fantasy 15's most valuable prize - a Wind up Lord Vexxos worth half a million Gil!! In this guide I'll explain exactly how to get this secret item and exchange it for a serious amount of cash.

If you haven't had a chance to try Justice Monsters Five then you're missing out on a really great mini-game in FFXV. Similar in many ways to the classic pinball machine, Justice Monsters Five challenges players to fire projectiles at enemy orbs in an attempt to destroy them. Timing and skill are paramount as you attempt to destroy orbs and collect as many chests as possible.

Special machine

Justice Five Monsters machines

What few players realise about Justice Monsters Five is that there are two types of machine; one standard and one unique special machine. This special machine costs 1000 times more Gil to play than the standard one but there are unique rewards from this machine that you can't get from the standard one.

One particular reward is called the Wind Up Lord Vexxos and it's this exact reward that is worth half a million Gil!!

Whilst the standard machines can all be found in Crow's Nest Diners the special one is in the cafe where Alessio can be found in Altissia. The map location below shows the exact location of this machine:

Special Justice Five Monsters machine map location

Note: You must have reached Chapter 9 before this location is available.

How to win the Lord Vexxos

Justice Five Monsters game

The key to winning this elusive prize is to make sure you're playing the special machine for 10,000 Gil per game, then earn 99 chests during the game. Once you reach 99 chests you can simply quit the game because there are no more rewards beyond the 99 max chests. The reward screen will appear briefly as you exit the game and the Lord Vexxos is added to your inventory.

Now make your way to any of the traders and sell the item for a tidy 500K profit. Taking around 40 minutes to earn, this Lord Vexxos is easily the quickest way to earn massive amounts of Gil.

Alternatively, if you enjoy spells then you might consider keeping the Lord Vexxos since it is one of the most potent spellcrafting catalysts in the entire game.

Rewards List & Requirements

If you're interested in the other rewards from Justice Monsters Five, see the full table below:

CHESTS Reward (10-Gil Game) Reward (10K Gil Game)
99 Celestriad Wind up Lord Vexxos
90 Emerald Bracelet Onion Bangle
80 Platinum Bangle Dark Matter Bracelet
70 Ruby Bracelet Assist Suit
60 Oracle Earing Gigas Bangle
50 Gold Bangle Blue Diamond Bracelet
45 Sapphire Bracelet Legatus Bangle
40 Mega Phoenix Moogle Charm
35 Titanium Bangle Mystic Circlet
30 Amythyst Bracelet Centurion Bangle
25 Carbon Bangle Emerald Bracelet
20 Garnet Bracelet Platinum Bangle
15 Hi-Elixir Ruby Bracelet
10 Elixir Mega Phoenix
5 Hi-Potion Hi-Potion
2 Potion  

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