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Guide for Dungeon Locations and Rewards

Guide for Dungeon Locations and Rewards

Dungeons are one of the many great aspects of Final Fantasy XV, providing a variety of excellent boss fights, puzzle encounters and explorable underground regions. In this post I'll cover all of the dungeon locations in the game, providing map locations and any tips required to open the dungeon gates.

Like most other points of interest in the game, dungeons appear on the world map along with camping sites, activities etc. Take a look at the image below which shows one of the games dungeons which is clearly highlighted in red on the map:

Dungeon red icon example

Simply move the cursor over the dungeon to see a nice little thumbnail for the location together with the official name of the dungeon. If you're interested in the unique rewards for each of the dungeons then check towards the end of this guide.

Dungeons Locations

In total there are 12 dungeons in the game with one of the twelve being a secret dungeon that's only accessible by air. I won't spoil things too much here but all you need to know is that to reach the Pitoiss Ruins you'll need a vehicle that can fly.

Many of the games dungeons contain Royal Tombs, which themselves contain Royal Arms - the games most powerful weapons. See the Royal Tombs guide for more details.

Ok, let's take a look at all of the exact dungeon locations in Final Fantasy 15:

Keycatrich Trench

Keycatrich Trench

Located to the north of Wenverwilds by the old mining region. Those who have found the Bio Blaster will know exactly how to reach this dungeon entrance. You will visit this dungeon through the main story in Chapter 2.

Crestholm Channels

Crestholm Channels

Located in the Ostium Gorge which is found to the south east of Hammerhead, The Three Valleys and The Wenverwilds. The actual dungeon entrance is to your right, through the fence just after you pass the checkpoint. Go down the staircase to find a hole in the ground that leads into the dungeon.

Balouve Mines

Balouve Mines

This dungeon can be found to the south of The Callaegh Steps which is in the Kingdom of Lucis. From the familiar area of The Three Valleys or Longwythe Peak, take the main road south past the camp site and the dungeon is nearby. The dungeon area has an old railway track running through the area, surrounded on both sides by a rock face.

Fociaugh Hollow

Fociaugh Hollow

Fociaugh Hollow is located in the small forest area, to the west of The Three Valleys and over the inaccessible mountain region. To reach this region you must either travel north and south around the main, and round the back of the mountainous area to reach The Maiacchi Hills which is where the dungeon is.

During Chapter 5 of the main story you will venture into this dungeon as you progress "The Trial of Ramuh" and look for the third runstone.

Costlemark Tower

Castlemark Tower

The Costlemark Tower dungeon is located to the south of the world map, not too far from Fociaugh Hollow above. If you're following the road south anyway, then you'll reach Costlemark Tower fairly quickly - it is close to The Fallgrove.

How to get inside

To enter this dungeon there is a little secret you must know about - the dungeon only opens at night!!

Steyliff Grove

Steyliff Grove

The Steyliff Grove dungeon is located in the far north west of the world map, on the northern side of the Vesperpool. There is no direct road leading to this dungeon but you can park to the east of the lake and work your way round to the northern side on foot.

You will venture to this dungeon through Chapter 7 of the main story. Like Costlemark Tower, this dungeon only opens at night so either wait or speak to Biggs by the entrance to advance time.

The Myrlwood


Again located in the same area of The Vesperpool, the Myrlwood dungeon is to the south west of the lake and again must be accessed on foot.

Greyshire Glacial Grotto

Greyshire Glacial Grotto

Take the only road south leading away from The Vesperpool, branch to the west and you'll come across the Greyshire Glacial Grotto dungeon soon enough - it's right next to the huge lake.

During Chapter 3 you will venture into this dungeon as part of the "Sword in the Waterfall" quest where you attempt to find a Royal Tomb. To find the dungeon entrance, leave the road and venture down the path, turn underneath the road and enter the dungeon behind the waterfall.

Pitioss Ruins (Secret Dungeon)

Pitioss Ruins (Secret Dungeon)

The games secret dungeon is only accessible by flying over the top of the inaccessible mountain region. This region is located to the far western side of the world map and you won't be able to reach this dungeon until you complete the main story. See the guide for the Regalia Type-F for more details about this secret unlock.

This dungeon contains no enemies, only platform puzzles.

The Rock of Ravatogh

The Rock of Ravatogh

To the south of the the Piotiss Ruins dungeon lies another easily accessible dungeon called The Rock of Ravatogh. This area is on the far western side of the world map. It takes a far amount of climbing up the mountain to progress this dungeon.

Malmalam Thicket

Malmalam Thicket

To the south west of the world map lies Malmalam Thicket, another of the games dungeons. This area is to the west of Maidenwater and inaccessible to road vehicles - you'll need to take the short path west to the reach the dungeon entrance.

Daurel Caverns

Daurrel Caverns

Located in the southern region of the world map, Daurrel Caverns is near to Schier Heights, a fishing location just off the main road. A dirt path takes you from the road to it's entrance.

Key Dungeon Rewards

Once you have completed four dungeons, you can start the key dungeons quest from Hunter HQ. For more information on the locked dungeon doors and key quests see the complete guide.

The rewards from each key dungeon are shown below:

Dungeon #1 (lvl 55) - Keycatrich Trench (Menace Sleeps in Keycatrich)

  • Dominator - a holy light infused greatsword
  • Hyper Magnum - powerful handgun

Dungeon #2 (lvl 78) - Balouve Mines (Menace Sleeps in Balouve)

  • Death Penalty - inflicts mortal wounds, instantly killing foes most of the time
  • Apocalypse - a blade that becomes more deadly at low health

Dungeon #3 (lvl 65) - Fociaugh Hollow (Menace Sleeps in Fociaugh

  • Organyx - the ultimate pair of daggers, enhancing the wielders attributes
  • Enhancer - strong one handed sword (boss reward)
  • The Grand Chamberlain - uses elixir when Noctis' maximum HP fails to half

Dungeon #4 (lvl 65) - Greyshire Glacial Grotto (Menace Sleeps in the Grotto)

  • Wizard Shield - provides magical strength, empowers spells
  • Executioner - devastates stationary targets (boss reward)

Dungeon #5 (lvl 72) - Daurell Caverns (Menace Sleeps in Daurell)

  • Duel Code - greatsword that inflicts greater harm on lone foes
  • Precision Lance - increases the chance of landing a critical hit (boss reward)

Dungeon #6 (lvl 92) - Crestholm Channels (Menace Sleeps in Crestholm)

  • Mighty Guard
  • Blue Diamond Bracelet
  • Gigas Bangle - increases maximum HP

Dungeon #7 (lvl 99) - Castlemark Tower (Menace Sleeps in Castlemark)

  • Soul of Thamasa (boss reward)
  • Dark Matter Bracelet - enhances strength considerably (boss reward)
  • Divine Whiskers

Dungeon #8 (lvl 86) - Steyliff Grove (Menace Sleeps in Steyliff

  • Robe of the Lord - increases MP recovery rate
  • Balmung - more powerful at higher magica levels, less so as magical energies decline
  • Flayer - deals a flurry of attacks with great style

Pitioss Ruins (Secret Dungeon)

Emerald Bracelet, Pendulum, Platinum Bangle, Insulated Inners, Black Hood.

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