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How to Use Summons

How to Use Summons

Final Fantasy XV contains a number of Summons. Players can call upon these giant creatures in Battle to completely devastate the enemy with overwhelming power. Since these creatures are so powerful, you'll need to first earn their respect through a pre-battle sequence which results in a pact between yourself and the Summon.

Summons List

If you've played any of the previous Final Fantasy games then you'll be well aware of Eidolons, Espers and some of the others. In FFXV there are technically six Summons of which players can unlock four and summon them for themselves. The short list below shows each of their names, whilst further down the page you'll see further details for each, including details explaining how to unlock them.

  • Titan - the stone giant
  • Ramuh - the thunder wizard
  • Shiva - the ice lady
  • Leviathan - the water serpent
  • Bahamut - the black dragon
  • Ifrit - the fire demon

How to use a Summon

Summons are overpowered creatures that will always destroy the enemy with their overwhelming power and force. For this reason the developers decided that Summons shouldn't be available anytime you want and in part, there chance of appearing is dictated by RNG.

Each of the Summons has a set of conditions which must be satisfied before the Summon has a chance to appear (or be callable). This is the first prerequisite for a Summon and a further RNG determines their chance of actually appearing after the first condition has been met.

In most cases, the Summon becomes available when you're losing the fight either due to low health, losing party members or simply because the fight is taking far too long - hence you're probably struggling to finish the enemy off.

Summon List with Conditions

The list below shows the exact conditions for each Summon in FFXV:



Condition - the more of your allies that fall in battle, the higher the chances that Titan will help you.



Condition - the longer your party is involved in a battle, the higher the chances that he will help you.



Condition - can only manifest herself when Noctis is in the Danger status. The longer he remains in this state, the higher the chances that she will offer her assistance. Must also be close to open water.



Condition - Shiva's tendency to assist you is a combination of the summon probabilities of the other Astrals.

These are the conditions for the above four Summons, but what about the others?

Can you use Bahamut?


No. Bahamut makes an exclusive appearance ONLY in chapter 14 of the game. Outside of this quest, Bahamut cannot be summoned, even after you've completed the quest. Until further DLC is released, or an additional patch comes out, this Summon will remain locked to Chapter 14 only.

Can you use Ifrit?


Again, Ifrit appears only briefly during the main quests and outside of this action sequence he is unusable as a Summon. Fingers crossed that when further DLC comes out or the game gets patch further, we might see Ifrit as a usable Summon which would be really great!

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