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What are Oracle Ascension Coins for

What are Oracle Ascension Coins for

Final Fantasy XV contains a massive amount of collectibles, some of which are referred to as Key Items. Shrouded slightly by secrecy, Oracle Ascension Coins are one of those collectibles that play a special role in the game. In this guide, you'll learn more about Ascension coins and how to use them.

Like other collectibles in FFXV, Ascension Coins are scattered throughout the world of Final Fantasy with a large number being hidden inside buildings and in particular dungeons. I won't go through every location in this guide because there are just so many places to find them but what I will do is help you understand their purpose.

What are the coins for?

Ascension coins are a form of currency in FFXV. They can be used to purchase unique items from an exclusive vendor.

There are currently eight secret items that can only be purchased with Oracle Ascension Coins, from a vendor known only as Alessio. He is located at one of the tables opposite the Palsino Street gondola station.

Alessio Inventory

Besides Megalixir, Alessio sells various Crests and unique items of high value. These are considered accessories and players can equip up to three with Ascension tree upgrades.

ItemEffectCoins Required
Fire CrestReduces fire damage by 30%4
Ice CrestReduces ice damage by 30%4
Lighting CrestReduces lightning damage by 30%4
Dark CrestReduces darkness damage by 30%8
Mighty GuardReduces fire, ice, lightning and darkness damage by 30%20
Stone WallReduces fire, ice and ballistic damage by 30%30
RibbonPrevents all status ailments40

Example Locations

Your first coin

As a good example, the first Ascension Coin that you'll find in the game is located at Hammerhead in the Leide area. Venture north of Cindy's garage, follow the path to the camping spot. The coin is just a little further north towards the rocky area.


Other Oracle Ascension Coins can be found in the following locations:

  • Hammerhead
  • Longwythe Rest Area
  • Galdin quay
  • Prairie Outpost
  • Coernix Station - Alstor
  • Keycatrich Trench
  • Coernix Station - Cauthess
  • Wiz Chocobo Post
  • Cauthess Rest Area
  • Taelpar Rest Area
  • Lestallum
  • Burbost Souvenir Emporium
  • Meldacio Hunter HQ
  • Verinas Mart - Revatogh
  • Altissia
  • Fociaugh Hollow
  • Daurell Caerns
  • Castlemark Tower
  • Pitioss Ruins
  • Steyliff Grove
  • Glacial Grotto
  • The Myrlwood
  • Malmalam thicket
  • The Rock of Ravatogh
  • Balouve Mines

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