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All Fusion Mods and How to Get Them

All Fusion Mods and How to Get Them

In this guide you'll find a complete list of all Fusion mods in Mass Effect Andromeda including details on how to collect each of them. The guide also contains guidelines for finding the secret "Fusion Mod of Adrenaline" which is hidden on Havarl.

In case you don't know, Fusion Mods are unique mods that only fit into Ryder's chest gear. They provide significant bonuses that are tailored to specific play styles and themes. However, they come with negative effects to counterbalance their extreme positives. For example, the "Fusion Mod of Health" gives you 100%+ max health but at the same time it reduces your shield by -50%.

In total there are 11 Fusion Mods in MEA, with one of those mods being available in a hidden location whilst the rest are offered as rewards. In almost all cases, Fusion Mods are rewarded in the vicinity of Vaults, either during the activation process or by neutralizing a particular Architect.

Support Perks

To reduce the negative effects you can instill the use of a particular Cryo Pod Perk (AVP). The perk in question is called "Fusion Mod Support" which reduces the negative effects of Fusion Mods by half. So for example, if you had this perk and also the "Fusion Mod of Shielding" then the negative effect is only -25% max health rather than the -50% standard reduction.

To unlock this Perk, you must have already unlocked the "Market Dominance" perk in the same Commerce perk tree.

Ok, below is the complete list of Fusion Mods in the game, with location information explaining where to collect each of them.

Fusion Mods List

Mod Effect Negative Effect Obtained From
Fusion Mod of Shielding +50% Max Shields -50% Max Health Eos Vault Activation
Fusion Mod of Robotics +25% Tech Construct Health, +25% Tech Construct Damage -50% Max Shields Havarl Vault Activation
Fusion Mod of Adrenaline On Kill: Recharge All Active Powers -50% All Power Recharge Speeds *See below
Fusion Mod of Resistance +20 Damage Resistance On Evade: -50 Health Voeld Vault Activation
Fusion Mod of Rapid Deployment +50% All Power Recharge Speeds -30% Weapon Damage Kadara Vault Activation
Fusion Mod of Rupture +25% Weapon Headshot / Weak Point Bonus -70% Weapon Clip Size Elaaden Vault Activation
Fusion Mod of Biotic Mastery +30% Biotic Power Damage -20% Melee / Weapon / Tech Power / Combat Power Damage Eos Architect Neutralization
Fusion Mod of Hovering +100% Hover Duration -30% Weapon Damage Voeld Architect Neutralization
Fusion Mod of Tech Mastery +30% Tech Power Damage -20% Melee / Weapon / Biotic Power / Combat Power Damage Elaaden Architect Neutralization
Fusion Mod of Battering +30% Melee Damage -20% Weapon / Tech / Biotic Power / Combat Power Damage Kadara Architect Neutralization
Fusion Mod of Health +100% Max Health -50% Max Shields Defeat the Archon's Sword (The Journey to Meridian)

Where to find the secret "Mod of Adrenaline"

The Mod of Adrenaline is a secret mod, not found through the typical Vault activity. Instead, players must explore the Havarl area to find several Remnant Consoles and follow the trail onwards.

Before attempting to find this Mod, you MUST have completed the mission "A Dying Planet" and have read the email from Addison.

Step by Step

1. Go to Havarl

2. Find the location shown on the map below

Havarl Fusion Mod map location

It's a dark cave area, with blue plants on the floor and the remnant console tucked up beside the rock edge.

3. Activate the 1st console

4. Follow connection west

Using your scanner, follow the connection leading west, climbing upwards where necessary using the remnant blast shields as platforms. There's another console not far from here that you need to reach.

5. Activate the 2nd console

Activate this console and continue your path onwards.

6. Follow the connection

After activating the console, follow the connection which leads to a gravity well in the distance. Ascend the pillars as necessary.

7. Use gravity well

Once at the top of the pillar, use the gravity well to your own benefit and travel north to one final console.

8. Solve the Remnant Decryption Puzzle

9. Use other gravity well

After solving the decryption puzzle use the second gravity well to transport to another small room where you claim the Mod of Adrenaline reward!

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