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Vetra and Jaal Romance Guides

Vetra and Jaal Romance Guides

Vetra and Jaal are two of the major companions in Mass Effect Andromeda and as one might expect, they have romance paths for players to progress. In this guide you'll find details explaining exactly how to romance both of these characters including dialogue choices and important locations.

Quick Character Background



Vetra is a Turian and she accompanies Ryder on missions in person, along with Drack. From her past experiences Vetra knows the importance of having someone to watch your back, and as a result she'll go out of her way for the people she considers friends and family. She is commonly found in the Armory area of the Tempest.



Jaal is the Angaran teammate who joins Ryder's team as an observer for the resistance. In summary, he's a cards on the table, heart on your sleeve guy who doesn't pull any punches. As a species, Angaran's are larger than life and very demonstrative. Jaal is commonly found in the Tech Lab.

Important Notes:

Below are some important observations about both characters; of particular importance is to note that Vetra is bi-sexual whilst Jaal is a straight character, only available to female Ryder.

  • Vetra romance is available to BOTH male and female Ryder's
  • Jaal romance is ONLY available to female Ryder's
  • Vetra romance path starts in the Amory
  • Jaal romance starts in the Tech Lab
  • Vetra romance ends with an exclusive romance
  • Jaal romance ends with a unique friendship

Vetra Romance Guide

Conversation Location Prerequisites / Unlock Gate Flirt / Dialogue Options
C1: Introduction Tempest armory   "You're intense. I like it"
Casual Conversation Any C1 complete "Anyone special in your life"
C2: Opening up Tempest armory C1 complete, a "Trail of Hope" complete "You're too tough for that"
C3: Personal Aya "A Trail of Hope" complete, C2 complete  
Loyalty mission Tempest hallway Following Interrogation of Vehn in "Hunting the Archon", C2 complete  
C3: Post loyalty Tempest armory Loyalty mission completed "I'm here for you both"
C4: Dreaming Tempest armory "Hunting the Archon" complete, C3 complete "I'm dreaming of someone"
C5: Aya Friendship Kadara Vetra in squad, read C5 email Kiss action available, can commit to relationship
C6: Romance end Tempest C5 complete, "The Journey to Meridian" complete Action prompt
C7: Conclusion Tempest armory Relationship committed  

Jaal Romance Guide

Note: there is no second conversation (C2) listed below, simply because it has no flirt dialogue but it is important for progressing to C3 and onwards.

Conversation Location Prerequisites / Unlock Gate Flirt / Dialogue Options
C1: Introduction Tempest tech lab Recruited Jaal, after Aya, expires after a "Trail of Hope" finished "One more thing"
Casual conversation Any C1 complete "Interested?"
Loyalty mission Tempest storage room Akksul conversation of Vicdon has taken place  
C3: Gifts (3rd talk) Tempest tech lab Visited Kadara, C2 complete "I think you're special"
C5: Character moment Havarl: Moms House Loyalty mission complete, C3 complete, "Hunting the Archon" complete Commit to relationship available
C4 Tempest tech lab "The Journey to Meridian" complete, expires at end of game "I adore you"
C6 Tempest tech lab C5 complete, C4 or game completed  
C7: Romance Aya Hub: Waterfall C5 complete, committed to relationship, "The Journey to Meridian" complete Action prompt

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