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How to Increase AVP and Earn Cryo Pod Points

How to Increase AVP and Earn Cryo Pod Points

Andromeda uses a unique system to measure your colonization success in the galaxy. Known as AVP, or Andromeda Viability Points, this system helps you level up the Nexus and unlock additional Cryo Perks to earn permanent bonuses for your journey.

New players should note that there are in fact two types of Viability; one which is an overall viability, this is AVP; the other is simply the Viability rating per planet, which relates directly to your efforts on that planet.

Players can view the accumulated AVP score by pausing the game and checking the top right hand corner of the screen. Think of this as a kind of experience tracking that determines your efforts towards the Pathfinders goal. It directly relates to the Nexus level and as you progress your AVP, the Nexus levels up and new areas are automatically unlocked.

Cryo Pod Points

You're rewarded with your first Cryo Pod Point after establishing the first outpost on Eos. At this point, the quest "AVP Cryo Deployment Perks" becomes available. Simply go to Nexus Operations and talk to Addison, then Brecka. They explain about the AVP Status Terminal, which you can access both on the Tempest and Nexus.

Additional points are rewarded by continuing to earn AVP and leveling up the Nexus. Everytime you level up the ship, you receive an additional Cryo point to spend.

How to increase AVP?

Architect (BOSS)

1. Vaults - One the most effective ways to earn a lot of viability is to unlock Remnant Vaults and reactivate the monoliths inside. This grants you a tidy 40% viability, and in doing so you have basically just repaired the planet's atmosphere.

2. Outposts - these are next on the agenda, granting you 20% viability. Outposts only become available when you reach at least 40% viability so either go for the Vault first or follow the points below.

3. Other - the other remaining ways to increase Viability are:

  • Destroying enemy outposts
  • Killing the Architect (Giant BOSS)
  • Priority Ops (main missions)
  • Side quests

*Roughly speaking, missions will increase viability somewhere between 2% and 10%, depending on the mission.

Cryo Perks

The following perks are available to purchase from the AVP terminal on the ship. It costs 1 x Cryo Pod Point to unlock each perk.

Science Pods

  • Lab Technicians - gain Research Points at regular intervals, roughly every 45 minutes
  • Mining Operations - gain Minerals every 45 minutes
  • Improved Deployment - 10% boost to Research Data gathering
  • Expanded Field Analysis - Forward Stations automatically highlight materials and other resources in the area

Military Pods

  • Munitions - Every 45 minutes gain a Consumable drop
  • Hunting Parties - Gain Organic materials every 45 minutes
  • Special Forces - Every 45 minutes, gain Tech materials
  • Reconnaissance - Highlights hidden caches (rare loot) around Forward Stations
  • Advanced Training - +10% EXP for every set encounter completed
  • Always Prepared - Grants an additional slot for Consumables, but must have Eos up to 70% viability
  • Versatility - Additional slot for Consumables.Must have Eos at 90% viability
  • APEX Tactics - +15% boost to credits earned on APEX missions

Commerce Pods

  • Financial Infrastructure - Earn credits every 45 minutes
  • Financial Infrastructure II - Even more additional credits
  • Grey Market Connections - Improves vendors prices (buy and sell)
  • Market Dominance - Special inventory items available from vendors
  • Trade Capacity - Increases your inventory space

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