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Peebee Romance Dialogue Choices and Unlock Requirements

Peebee Romance Dialogue Choices and Unlock Requirements

Peebee is the Asari companion in Mass Effect Andromeda, playing the role of gunslinger and biotic destabilizer. Like some of the other characters she has a romance pathway that is open to both male and female Ryder's. In this guide you'll find all of the dialogue choices that lead to romance with Peebee and also important locations and prerequisites.

This romance pathway ends with a unique friendship that opens unique content and an additional option for exclusivity. The Pathfinder quarters are the intimate location for the conclusion to this romance pathway and as usual a Loyalty mission contains the majority of the unlock requirements for the Peebee character.

The introduction of Peebee's romance path starts in the Tempests escape pods...

Romance Unlock Guide

Conversation Location Prerequisites / Unlock Gate Dialogue / Flirt Option
C1: Introduction Tempest escape pods   "You crave excitement huh?"
Casual Conversation Any C1 completed "Flirting"
C2: Building Tempest escape pods C1 complete, found piece of rem-tech on Voeld "It's true"
C3: Personal Aya "A trail of hope" complete, C2 complete  
C4: Zero G Tempest escape pods C3 complete "I'd want strings" OR accept and start fling (non committal)
Loyalty: Intro Any C4 complete, visited Kadara, spoke about Kalinda with Peebee  
Loyalty: Briefing Tempest bridge Loyalty: Intro complete  
Loyalty: Wrap up Tempest escape pods Loyalty mission complete  
C6: Commit Tempest escape pods and meeting room Loyalty mission complete, left Tempest at least once Relationship commitment available now
C7: Romance Tempest Pathfinder quarters "The Journey to Meridian" complete, in exclusive relationship Find and interact with "the gift" inside the Pathfinder quarters


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