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Suvi and Avela Romance Guide

Suvi and Avela Romance Guide

Suvi and Avela may be lesser shipmates in Mass Effect Andromeda but they still have perfectly valid romance options in the game. In this guide I'll explain how to unlock both of their romance pathways by choosing the right dialogue choices and knowing the right locations to encounter those choices.

As you may already know, Suvi serves as the science officer on the Tempest and is usually found on the bridge along with the pilot Kallo Jath. Avela is

Before we start it's worth pointing out that both of these characters are ONLY available to the female Ryder and not the male one. Both pathways result in exclusive romance, meaning that you can't romance another crew members at the same time. The exact dialogue choices for Suvi and Avela are shown in the table below, with their respective locations being the Tempest Bridge and Museum respectively.

Note: Neither Suvi nor Avela have loyalty missions like other characters such as Cora or Peebee and their dialogue choices are simpler but still depend on completing certain missions in the game.

Suvi Romance Guide

Conditions Location Dialogue / Flirt Options
  Tempest bridge "I could show you"
After settling Prodromos Tempest bridge "We should chat more on this"
Complete "Trail of Hope" Tempest bridge "You're not alone"
Complete "Hunting the Archon" Tempest bridge Commit to relationship
Complete "Journey to Meridian", receive email and in relationship with Suvi Tempest bridge  
Read Suvi email Nexus tech lab Action prompt will appear

Avela Romance Guide

Conditions Location Dialogue / Flirt Options
Visit Aya and meet with Evfa Aya: Docks "To meet people like you"
During "Recovering the past" Aya: Museum  
During "Forgotten history" Aya: Musuem "I did it for you"
"You got it" (after returning the instrument)
"Not everything, thanks to you" (after figurine is returned)
"Hope it helps my chances"
After "The Journey to Meridian" and checking email Aya: In front of waterfall Option for a second kiss

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