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Where to find Minerals and Materials

Where to find Minerals and Materials

All of the craftable items in Mass Effect Andromeda require several types of Mineral or Material to complete the crafting recipe. There are three distinct groups of crafting resources that include Minerals, Tech Materials and Bio Materials.

In this guide you'll find a complete list of each of the minerals and materials in the game, together with locations where you can find them.


To put it simply, Minerals must be harvested by the player using either the handheld Omni-tool or the mining drone from the Nomad (deployed via mining interface). Minerals typically appear off the beaten track so take time to explore the edges of the map for the telltale "clusters" of mineral deposits.

*Some Minerals cannot be mined and must be bought from vendors or found in crates, these Minerals have a blank location entry in the table below.

Mineral Location
Aluminium Eos, Kadara
Beryllium Voeld, Kadara
Copper Voeld, Kadara
Element Zero Voeld, Elaaden
Graphite Eoa, Elaaden
Iron Eoa, Elaaden
Magnesium H-047C
Nickel Havari
Platinum Havari, Voeld, H-047C
Silicon Elaaden, H-047C
Titanium Kadara, H-047C
Vanadium Eos

Tech Materials

Both Tech Materials and Bio Materials come from dead enemies, typically with the name of the material relating to the type of enemy. For example, the Kett Alloy comes from dead Kett whilst the Eiroch Fluid Sac comes from dead Eiroch.

Tech Material Enemy / From
Angaran Meditation Crystal Angara/Roekaar
Kett Alloy Kett
Omni-Gel Canister Milky Way Exiles
Remnant Polymer Remnant

Bio Materials

Bio Material Enemy / From
Eiroch Fluid Sac Eiroch, Fiend
Remnant Core Architect (Giant BOSS)
Renderable Plates Adhi, Eiroch, Taurg, Galorn
Scale Fibers Challyrion, Rylkor
Shell Filaments Kaerkyn, Drall, Taurg, Echidna
Soft Chitin Spitbug, Shemrys, Pallad

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