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Romance Options

Romance Options

Mass Effect games have a history of including romance options, much like the Witcher series, players can romance particular characters and indulge in sex or other intimate cutscenes. Mission selection and outcomes, in addition to the right dialogue choices can unlock romance options or prevent them occurring entirely.

Back in the classic Mass Effect games, 1 and 2, we had the now well documented relationships with Tali, Garrus, Miranda, Kelly and others. Breaking up with characters was also part of the game, something which was never easy to do but would reveal further unique cutscenes and dialogue choices.

Mass Effect romance

Like other ME games, going out of your way in Andromeda to please a particular crewmate will effectively chip away at the romance unlock, eventually revealing the all important dialogue choice which leads to a special cutscene. Actively betraying or refusing to help a crewmate will of course have the opposite effect. Although you can happily engage in several relationships in the game, some characters will not take kindly to you engaging with other characters. Others may not even care and this all depends on the type of character and their desire for a long term relationship or otherwise.

Knowing exactly how to unlock a romance option is possible by understanding the outcomes of dialogue choices before you make them. I will take some time to include all the possible romance options for Andromeda to help you understand exactly how to get them. The developers have confirmed that Andromeda does have a non-destructive critical path and that loyalty missions can be actively completed without affecting the main missions. This means that you can safely push through the main missions and return later to complete any romance options that are accessible via loyalty missions, which I imagine might be quite a few.

Phebee character

Unlike Skyrim, marriage isn't an option in the game, however both short term flings and long term relationships do exist in the game. Whether the actual cutscenes change depending on the length of romance isn't known at the moment, but what we do know is that romance animation has been designed to be less generic and unique to each of the characters and their interaction with the main Ryder character. Furthermore, romance options are not limited to just the Tempest, players can engage in romance on other planets and ships.

Further information on Andromeda's romance options will appear below when the game is released...

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