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Claims Reward Vendor Missing Items - Hazmat, Agent Origins Outfits etc

Claims Reward Vendor Missing Items - Hazmat, Agent Origins Outfits etc

Players can get their hands on a number of great outfits, skins and other rewards through the Reward Claims vendor in The Division. Whether you entered free codes through the Ubisoft website, chose to pre-order or went for the full Season Pass or Gold Edition, you'll have a nice collection of rewards waiting for you in game.

The BIG problem is that the Rewards Claim vendor isn't dishing out those rewards on a consistent basis at the moment. Some players are getting half their rewards whilst others can't see anything. In this post I'll attempt to explain how rewards work, where to get them and discuss why things might not be working for you.

If you're not sure how to claim rewards watch this very simple walkthrough video which shows how I claimed two UPlay rewards for participating in the Beta:

Youtube logo YouTube Walkthrough video

What rewards can you get?

Agent Origins website

There are several ways to get rewards in the game, I've categorized them below:

Free codes through UPlay

Ubisoft have dished out a free set of skins called the Agent Origins pack. It contains four distinct outfits for: firefighter, paramedic, hunter and police officer. These are not just cosmetic packs either because each one comes with a different weapon and backpack.

Agent Origins page: http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com

Pre-order bonus

Pre-ordering the game will have earned you the Hazmat gear set. The pre-order code will be distributed by the retailer either via email or together with the game for physical copies.

Gold Edition / Season Pass

Those who bought the Gold Edition of the game will get the full Season Pass included and also early access to the National Guard Set and Sawn-off shotgun. When DLC is released you'll get access to new outfits and other DLC rewards as the year progresses.

Playing Alpha/Beta

For taking part in the Alpha or Beta:

  • New York Shortbows Weapon Skin (Xbox Only)
  • Shortbows Sports Cap
  • Shortbows Sports Jacket

UPlay points

Phoenix logo

If you regularly play Ubisoft games and already have a UPlay account then UPlay points will have been silently racking up under your profile. You can exchange these points for exclusive outfits, cosmetic items and other rare items such as Phoenix Credits or Rare Resources.

These rewards are purchasable through the Ubisoft Store (shop) online and will immediately appear in the Rewards Claim vendor list. See YouTube Walkthrough video.

Examples of items you can buy with points:

  • Spray Stripes - Urban Snow Weapon Skin - [20 points]
  • Master Crafting Kit - Adds 2 of each rare crafting resource to the Reward Claim Vendor [30 points]
  • Broker Outfit - Adds the Ubisoft Club Exclusive Broker Outfit [40 points]
  • Iconic Division Jacket - Adds the iconic Tom Clancy's The Division™ jacket as worn by Agent Ryan [30 points]
  • Dark Zone Keys - Adds 3 Dark Zone keys [30 points]
  • Tom Clancy's The Division™ Soundtrack Exclusive Tracks - Sample the Tom Clancy's The Division™ Soundtrack with these Ubisoft Club Exclusive tracks. [30 points]
  • Phoenix Credit Pack - Adds a pack of 30 Phoenix Credits [40 points]
  • Centurions Basketball Fan Pack - Adds a Ubisoft Club Exclusive Centurions Bastketball team Sports hat and jacket [30 points]

How to claim you code?

For PC players you must enter your CODE on the Ubisoft website whilst logged into your UPlay account. The rewards will be associated with your online account (Steam).

For console players, you must enter your codes through the PS Store or XBox Store using the redeem code feature. Then wait for the download to complete, restart the game and pay a visit to the Reward Claims vendor to pick up the items. New vanity/cosmetic items can be equipped through the cosmetic menu in game.

Where is the Claims Reward vendor?

Rewards Claim vendor

The Rewards Claim vendor is at the Base of Operations (BoO) which is located in the Manhattan post office, NOT in the Brooklyn tutorial area. You won't unlock this area until about level 4, after you've completed the first 45 mins or so (tutorial/prologue area). The vendor is located at the end of the hallway, directly in front of the door after you first enter the base (do not turn left or right, or go upstairs).

Why isn't it working?

Many players have reported that the Claims Reward vendor is missing items, with some people claiming some rewards but not others, whilst others can see absolutely nothing.

Now, I can tell you that the rewards vendor was working just before the game went live worldwide but it seems to have gone downhill since. There are also reports that the UPlay website is down along with the Ubisoft forums so that's quite an issue.

If the system which controls the authorized distribution of rewards is being affected then that explains why some players can see things and others can't. The servers are responding but not in a consistent manner.

So what can you do?

Uplay rewards screen

There are two scenarios really: either you have been able to claim some rewards or you haven't claimed any.

If you fall into the first camp that had previously claimed rewards then you're obviously doing things right and the servers are the problem here. You'll have to wait it out until Ubisoft get things back to normal again, sorry.

Those of you stuck on your first reward then you should revisit the process for claiming rewards just to be sure. Here's some tips:

  1. Make sure you claim your code through the UPlay store, PS Store, Xbox store etc
  2. Wait for the downloads to complete (if DLC and not UPlay) before starting the game.
  3. For Agent Origins, enter the code on the Ubisoft website whilst logged into UPlay then copy the next CODE which is the real code (should look more unique) and activate that on console.
  4. Once codes have been activated and DLC downloaded, then go in-game to claim your rewards from the vendor.

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