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Launch Times - UK, US, Europe and Worldwide

Launch Times - UK, US, Europe and Worldwide

Ubisoft have now confirmed the launch times for The Division on their blog and it's great news for anyone with an early copy. Those with a digital copy will need to wait a little longer for the game to unlock even though servers may already by live.

The most important point to note from the blog post is that servers will go live globally on:

00:01 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) on 8th March.

You can use the multitude of online tools for converting that timezone to yours but for quick reference here is the time in other major timezones and countries:

Other time zones

  • PT (Pacific Time) - 05:01 AM, 7th March
  • CT (Central Time) - 07:01 AM, 7th March
  • EST (Eastern Time) - 08:01 AM, 7th March
  • BRT (Brasil) - 10:01 AM, 7th March
  • UK (GMT) - 13:01 PM, 7th March
  • CET (Central European Time) - 14:01 PM, 7th March

By Country and Continents:

All 7th March:

  • US (United States) - between 05:01 - 08:01 AM depending on East, Central or West region.
  • UK - 13:01 PM
  • Europe - between 13:01 - 14:01 PM, Portugal is earlier in the morning.
  • South Africa - 15:01 PM
  • Brazil - 10:01 AM

When they say that the servers will go live that means everything, not just the dedicated servers in Australia. It's one button push and everything is open for online play. You cannot play the game early because it's 100% online only.

Preload time for Digital Copies

Digital preloads are available for all platforms starting with the XBox One now and ending with PS4. Check the platform and times below to find out when you can preload the game on to your system.

PC (Steam AND Uplay)

  • 04:00 4th in Australia (AEDT)
  • 18:00 3rd in Central Europe (CET)
  • 17:00 3rd in UK (GMT)
  • 12:00 3rd in Eastern US
  • 09:00 3rd in Western US


  • 00:01 6th in your local time (except Japan)
  • 00:01 8th in Japan

Xbox One

  • Already available.

Digital Copies Activation Time

In the US, digital copies of The Division for Xbox One, PS4, and PC will be active at 12:01AM EST on March 8. If you compare this to the timezones above, the game will unlock many hours before you can actually play it.

In other countries the unlock time is also 12:01 AM in your timezone. This is irrespective of the global launch time which is when the servers come online.

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