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70-460 MCITP SQL Server 2011Exam Overview
70-460 Designing, Optimizing and Maintaining a Database Administrative Solution Using Microsoft SQL Server 11 is part the MCITP SQL Server 2011 certification path. Passing this new exam earns you the MCITP SQL Server 2011 DBA certification.

70-620 or 70-624 for MCITP Enterprise
The final exam for MCITP Enterprise Administrator is an elective choice. This is the only elective MCTS choice that you get for the MCITP certification. Which one you should choose, really depends on your particular experience

70-659 Windows Server 2008 Virtualization - Exam Overview
The 70-659 exam is the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for Windows Server 2008 Server Virtualization. Virtualization is a relatively new but very popular concept in the IT industry and there's a lot of buzz around the new virtualization fea

77-667 Exam Overview - SharePoint 2010 MCTS
The 77-667 exam forms part of the MCTS and MCITP routes for SharePoint 2010. The official title is ‘Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Configuring’. Candidates should take this exam to credit their skills in administering a SharePoint 2010 installation.

Best books for MCITP Database Administrator 2008
The MCITP DBA SQL 2008 certification is still relatively new and the material online is somewhat limited. So, which books and material should you use to study for these exams? The MCITP SQL 2008 certification path consists of three exams; 70-450..

Exam 70-652 Windows Server Virtualization Configuring - Exam Overview
The 70-652 exam is part of the MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) certification path. Its also a requirement to achieve the higher level MCITP Windows Server 2008 R2 Virtualization Administrator certification.

How many questions 70-693 exam
The 70-693 exam Windows Server 2008 R2, Virtualization Administrator is a new exam released by Microsoft in early 2010. You’ll be tested in the accustomed way with multiple choice questions of which there are about 35 in total. Questions..

How many questions for the 70-663 exam
The 70-663 exam for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is a reasonably new exam released by Microsoft. Candidates are tested in the accustomed multiple choice way and there are around 35 questions in total for this exam. Questions are pulled from..

MCITP Server Administrator or Enterprise Administrator
This really boils down to your experience in dealing with Windows Server 2008. Most of you have probably dealt with DHCP, DNS, AD Administration and the usual suspects but how much have you looked under the cover of Server 2008?

When will MCSA and MCSE be discontinued?
With the introduction of new certification paths such as MCTS and MCITP, many of you will be wondering whether your current MCSA and MCSE certifications will be discontinued. Microsoft has a very sound policy with regards to certifications expiring..

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