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70-586 MCTS SQL Server 2011 Exam Overview
Microsoft have announced that the next version of the MCTS Microsoft SQL Server Implementation and Maintenance exam will be 70-586. This exam contains subjects from the new SQL Server 2011 (v11).

70-588 MCTS SQL Server 2011 Exam Overview
Microsoft have announced that the new version of the Business Intelligence exam will be 70-588 Microsoft SQL Server 2011 Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance. This exam relates to the SSRS, SSIS and SSAS aspects of SQL Server 2011.

70-620 or 70-624 for MCITP Enterprise
The final exam for MCITP Enterprise Administrator is an elective choice. This is the only elective MCTS choice that you get for the MCITP certification. Which one you should choose, really depends on your particular experience

70-659 Windows Server 2008 Virtualization - Exam Overview
The 70-659 exam is the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for Windows Server 2008 Server Virtualization. Virtualization is a relatively new but very popular concept in the IT industry and there's a lot of buzz around the new virtualization fea

77-667 Exam Overview - SharePoint 2010 MCTS
The 77-667 exam forms part of the MCTS and MCITP routes for SharePoint 2010. The official title is ‘Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Configuring’. Candidates should take this exam to credit their skills in administering a SharePoint 2010 installation.

98-373 Exam Overview - MTA
A new MTA exam has been released for mobile development fundamentals. MTA exams are an optional foundation for anyone wanting to take the higher MCTS Microsoft exams.

About Microsoft's new certifications MCPD, MCTS, MCA
Microsoft’s new certification programs MCTS, MCPD and MCA were designed to highlight a candidate’s skill in a principal technology set. Each exam now focuses more on core technical and professional skills rather than the old fashion..

Average salary for Support Engineer job
The actual job role, Support engineer, covers a wide range of technologies but it’s still possible to work out an average salary. Based on UK data from the summer of 2010 the average salary of a Support Engineer is £30,000. This is roughly equ

Average salary Sharepoint 2010
SharePoint 2010 is such a vast and all consuming beast for enterprise business that salaries are always going to be high. So how much does a SharePoint consultant really get paid?

Build custom MCP Logo
The new online tool from Microsoft called Logo Manager allows MCP members to create their own custom logo. Using your previous achievements you can select the logo template you want such as MCP, MCPD, MCTS..

Exam 70-652 Windows Server Virtualization Configuring - Exam Overview
The 70-652 exam is part of the MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) certification path. Its also a requirement to achieve the higher level MCITP Windows Server 2008 R2 Virtualization Administrator certification.

Free Visual Studio 2010 ebook (exams 70-515, 70-511)
Microsoft is offering developers a free ebook called Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The book is from Microsoft Press and contains over 300 pages.

MCAD exams retired
The MCAD exam set has now been retired (May 2009). Candidates are no longer able to achieve the MCAD certification. The upgrade exams for MCTS and MCPD will follow shortly. Candidates are still able to take the individual exams 70-536 and 70-548 etc

MCTS 70-506 Exam Overview
The new 70-506 Silverlight 4 development exam will be released in January 2011. It is aimed at developers who create rich internet applications using Microsoft Silverlight.

Number of questions 70-528
The 70-528 exam is the Web Based Client Development exam for both the MCTS and MCPD certification paths. The exam is specifically targeted towards the .NET framework 2.0. The official title is Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Web-Based Client Development

Salary for MCTS Server 2008
The average salary for a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Windows Server 2008 is £35,000. This is based on data from the summer of 2010 in the UK.

What is MCTS?
MCTS stands for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and is a new wave of Microsoft certifications aimed at helping candidates certify their skills in a specific technology. Each MCTS certification, whether it be .NET Framework 3.5..

What is the duration of 70-536?
The 70-536 exam is the core exam for both the MCTS and MCPD certification paths. The exam is specifically targeted towards the .NET framework and can be applied to the .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.5. The exam targets the .NET development foundation..

When will MCSA and MCSE be discontinued?
With the introduction of new certification paths such as MCTS and MCITP, many of you will be wondering whether your current MCSA and MCSE certifications will be discontinued. Microsoft has a very sound policy with regards to certifications expiring..

Which industry pays the highest salary
No matter what side of IT you lie on, whether it be development or IT support there are always certain industries that pay that little bit more. So here they are..

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