Batman Arkham Knight - How to Save Game

Batman Arkham Knight - How to Save Game

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Having played through the Witcher 3, similar on many levels to Arkham Knight, I had got used to making regular save games, to mark progress and give me a fallback position should I choose a particular path or decision I was unhappy with.

I can't count the number of times I made a manual save point while I wasted thousands of coins on a couple of high level potions, only to discover they were useless and immediately reverted back to the previous save. Trashing the wrong weapons, making bad quest decisions and venturing into the point of no return are all valid reasons for needing a manual save option.

Auto saves

auto save point with Joker dialogue

auto save point with Joker dialogue

The Arkham Knight is exactly the same as the Witcher 3 in the way that it manages auto saves.

Right at the start of the game, you're told that the blue circular icon means that an automatic save is in progress, this is no different from the Witcher 3 where a little book icon appears to signify that a save is in progress.

As soon as that blue icon starts rotating you know that you're safe up to that point, simply turn off the game and restart again later without losing any progress.

That option is fine if you're ready for a natural checkpoint, but what about in the middle of long missions or just before you spend a tonne or Waynetech points on the wrong skills. You'd like a manual save no?

Where is the manual save option

menu options

After spending half an hour trudging through every menu and in-game screen, I started to wonder if the game even included a manual save option. Maybe it's hidden inside Wayne Towers, or Lucius Fox will give me a tech upgrade I thought.

A few more hours in, I worked through more of the main storyline, eventually coming to the conclusion that there is no save game option in Arkham Knight. Hopping online, further investigation proved my fears that this isn't a bug or a missing feature - in fact none of the previous Rocksteady Batman games have a manual save option either!

Therefore the auto save option is the only way to save progress, and you can't control it.

Making do with auto save

Given this disappointing absence, the key to enjoying Arkham Knight, which is a really great game, is to keep your eyes peeled for the auto save icon in the bottom left hand corner. This usually appears right after cutscenes, or when transitioning between missions - but not every cutscene or objective will trigger an autosave.

I found that dialogue with the Joker, Alfred or other in-game characters would sometimes trigger an auto save, but you need to keep your eyes peeled.

If you think you'll need to take a break soon or need to switch off the game for any reason then work up to an auto save and then force yourself to turn off the game. Fight off the addiction unless you know you've got the time to carry on, do NOT venture any further into the mission or you'll risk losing progress.

Another handy tip is to open the menu, select the Exit option and make a note of the message that appears. This informs you when the last auto save occured - it's a handy way to confirm that the game was saved recently.

save game warning

As for spending tech points on the wrong skills or venturing to the point of no return, unfortunately there is nothing you can do to counter these apart from researching beforehand. Keep your eye on our site for more guides including one explaining which upgrades and skills are worth purchasing - this will help you avoid wasting upgrades on useless skills.

Sorry I can't be the bearer of good news here but don't let this little nuisance distract you from enjoying one of the best games of 2015...

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