Battlefield 1 - How Operations mode works

Battlefield 1 - How Operations mode works

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Operations is one of the new game modes in Battlefield 1 that combines some of the best elements from other modes into a continuous battle that sees an opposing team try to pushes forward whilst the defending team attempts to hold their position.

Operations are like multiplayer campaigns with nice cutscenes and individually unique names. For example, "Oil of Empires" takes place across the Fao Fortress and Suez maps whilst Operation "Kaiserschlacht" spans across the western front.

How Operations differs

Operation sectors

In a typical game mode each match is a contained experience with the tally of points being the only deciding factor. At the end of the match one team wins and the other loses - the playing field is then reset.

Operations mixes things up, rather than the match ending when one team wins it instead carries over to a brand new match and continues onwards. Between matches there are cutscenes to introduce the next map but also to highlight the current state of affairs between the two teams. It's like an on-going struggle, a tug of war you might say, as teams push to control sections of a wider battlefield.

The gamemode is available in two forms: 48 and 64 player environments.

Capturing objectives

Sector lost message

The way you capture objective points in Operations is the same as Conquest: the more players standing inside a capture area the faster the objective will be secured. There are between 1-3 capture points per sector and to advance to the next sector the attacking team must capture (and HOLD) all of these and also kill off the soldiers in the area.

If the attacking team takes just one of the objectives then the defending team still has the opportunity to reclaim the objective before the sector moves on.

Should the attacking team win, the map progresses to the next sector. However, if the attacking team is unable to push past a sector (before their tickets run out) then they gain a "reinforcement" in the form of Behemoths (airships, battleships etc.) for the next match.

Tickets / Reinforcements

Ticket count

The ticket counter is the "vital" statistic in Operation games. It's displayed at the top of the screen during the game mode and equates to the number of reinforcements (deaths/respawns) that the attacking team is allowed before the operation is deemed a failure.

The defending team must try to "force" the attacking team to deplete its reinforcement count (by killing soldiers) before the capture points are secured and the sector moves on.

If the attacking team fails in a particular sector then the ticket counter is reset for the next section, along with a Behemoth reinforcement that spawns in.

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