Battlefield 1 - How to Level Up Fast (Guide)

Battlefield 1 - How to Level Up Fast (Guide)

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Battlefield's progression system is cleverly split into character and class pathways, both of which help in unlocking high level weapons, gadgets and other gear. In this post you'll find a solid guide for levelling up quickly in Battlefield 1, highlighting certain activities and mechanics to watch out for.

If you've come from the well known COD series then earning XP has probably been a sole venture thus far. Battlefield is more like Destiny in this sense, having a good squad (Destiny's equivalent of a fireteam) and the ability to play well together will make a big different in your XP progression.

DICE are particularly fond of Squad gameplay, it's one of the highlights of the Battlefield series, and to this end they have always had Squad bonuses. Finding a good group of friends is not always possible but you should certainly consider using LFG sites to push your character and classes at an accelerated rate.

Ok, let's take a look at some of the best XP progression tips...

Capture objectives in Conquest or Operations

Objective capture

New players often underestimate how rewarding capture points are in Battlefield. By playing either the Conquest or Operations modes and capturing objectives you will earn sizeable XP chunks.

Furthermore, keep pushing to new objectives and working with your team because everyone within the radius will receive the XP from a capture. This is contrary to RUSH where only the person who captures it gets the big XP.

Rush using vehicles on Conquest

Vehicle capture

Upon starting a new match, a selection of vehicles will be available from the spawn screen. For this tip you want to focus on land based, fast moving vehicles - not tanks and not planes. Using the vehicle, rush to the closest capture point, capture it and repeat the process for the next closest capture point. Keep repeating the trick for at least two or three capture points. Your teammates will most probably want to do the same thing so there may be a scramble for vehicles initially.

This tip only works right at the beginning of a game, before the enemy has managed to push up to your spawn point.

Although I don't agree with wasting planes, some players also enjoy spawning into a plane, flying over a capture point, ejecting and capturing immediately. The downside to this trick is that you're left without a vehicle and will be stuck with the pilot class.

Always finish matches for the match bonus and XP multipliers

Post match multiplier example

Alway stay to the end of the match to receive the match bonuses, leaving early will forfeit this advantage. In addition to staying to the end you also have the chance to earn "multipliers" which are a new addition in BF1. Put simply, multipliers are awarded for smashing the enemy with a resounding victory.

Make the most of squads

Squad objective

Getting a group of friends together and forming a squad is one of the most reliable ways to level up quickly in Battlefield. The main reason for this is that DICE have always loved squad based XP points and BF1 is no different.

To maximise the "multiplier" bonus take advantage of the Squad Leader's skills. The leader has the ability to mark objectives, which when captured or defended, even if your squad is not there, will reward your squad with bonus XP. Even better though is being at that marked objective because your average kill points will be increased for an attack or defence bonus.

Lastly, another advantage of using a squad comes from sticking together and being able to refill and revive each other - which in turn rewards small XP gains.

Use squad spawn points

One of Battlefields unique features is the option to spawn into the map in close proximity to your squads present location. Not only does this save precious time having to sprint back to your last location but it's critical in helping your team accomplish objectives to earn further XP.

Always track Medals

Medal artwork

Battlefield 1's weekly challenges come in the form of Medals this time around. Players have the option to hand pick one of the weekly Medals to progress it's challenges before the next reset occurs.

There are a total of five medals on offer per week, which in turn rotate to another five medals following the next reset. Players therefore have 7 days to progress each of the Medals before progression is reset.

At anytime during the week you can select which of the medals you're most interested in - ultimately deciding which one to "track". By selecting a particular medal your progression is homed into that medal unless you chose to switch over to another game mode or role.

Each medal has between three and five stages (mini-challenges) which you need to complete to fully earn the medal. Later stages are progressively harder vs the initial stages.

Take for instance the Medic-themed medal called "Order of Hippocrates." It's challenges tie into skills that every good Medic should strive to use i.e. getting 20 kills with Medic weapons, healing teammates 100 times, and completing 20 revives.

Upon successfully completing each stage you'll be informed by the tracker that the stage is complete. There is a small XP gain by stage and one larger XP reward for fully completing a Medal. The important part to take from all this is that if you're not tracking a Medal then you're losing out on easy XP gains!

Remember, each class levels up independently

Every BF1 class has it's own progression system that is independent to the overall character level. Be careful when playing matches where you spawn into tanks, planes, horses etc. Each of these "vehicles" has it's own class, which is fine if you want to level up those classes, but a major distraction if you're trying to focus on say the Assault class.

If you want to use vehicles in the game whilst still concentrating on levelling a particular core class (Assault, Medic etc.) then opt to spawn in as that class, then root out a vehicle in open play rather than spawning directly into it.

Watch out for Double XP

Like all good FPS games, BF1 has double XP events during certain weekend periods. This is usually during the initial game launch and just before DLC drops. Although future events are not great for levelling up fast in the beginning, they are perfect for infrequent players wishing to level up after a sustained absence. They can also be combined with XP boosts from Battlepacks to stack the multiple XP gains.

More tips will be added soon...

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