Battlefield 1 - How to destroy tanks easily

Battlefield 1 - How to destroy tanks easily

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Vehicles, especially tanks, are the key to success in a game of Battlefield 1 - which is why it's so important to take out the enemies vehicles whenever you can. Destroying tanks, trucks, landships and other vehicles can turn the tide of the fight for your entire team.

Of all the games regular vehicles, Tanks are arguably the most deadly. Thankfully, whilst they may be powerful, deadly and opposing, they're also pretty slow. DICE have given us some very specific weapons to disabled and destroy vehicles so let's take a look at some of these.

First, let's start with the primary class for destroying vehicles...

Assault Class

Assault Class - Anti-Tank weapons

The main anti-vehicle class is Assault. It has a good selection of anti-tank weapons that include Dynamite, Anti-Tank Grenade, Anti-Tank Mine and the AT Rocket Gun. Each of these is a "Gadget" that players can select using the character Customize screen. Let's take a look at each of these Gadgets for a minute.

  • Dynamite - a throwable bomb that requires you to get up close and personal - with the risk of being killed in the open.
  • Anti-Tank Grenade - the AT grenade also comes with the risk of being out in the open but they can be thrown from the safety of cover or lobbed over walls and obstructions.
  • Anti-tank Mine - mines deal a lot of damage to tanks but they must be placed strategically - you'll need to predict the path a vehicle will take so that it rolls over the mine to activate detonation. This is easier on small maps, with tight corridors and set routes.
  • AT Rocket Gun - A projectile based rifle that needs to be fired from a prone position, or resting on cover such as a window or wall.

Of of the above Gadgets, the AT Rocket Gun is easily the best weapon for taking out tanks. It's precise and versatile enough to be used up close and from the safety of distance. Whilst not as powerful as the other bombs, you'll stay in the fight longer, helping your team provide prolonged and sustainable vehicle attacks.

Tips and Strategies

Tank attack

When to attack

Knowing when to attack and when to take cover is an important skill to master. Being in a built up area with lots of cover and windows will put you in good stead for taking down vehicles. It's much harder for a tank to spot you and fire shells through the walls of a building, whilst it's easier for you to aim out of windows or over ledges.

Working as a team

Trying to destroy a tank by yourself is tough and usually futile. Working with your team and organising a simultaneous attack is a prime strategy. Even two soldiers firing AT Rockets will soon disable the vehicle allowing further friendly troops to finish it off with AT grenades and other typically more risky options. Working in a group also has the major advantage of disorientation - drivers will want to turn and spot incoming fire, which if coming from multiple directions will cause panic.

Tanks can self repair

Make sure your attacks are consistent and relentless, denying the enemy a chance to run and repair from safety. Once a tank is repaired it's like starting from zero again - but this time you'll have less ammo!

K bullets

The Scout class has the option of K Bullets as a selectable Gadget. These bullets do a small amount of damage to vehicles, and whilst they don't take down a tank on their own, they do provide another very important purpose. If you hit a tank with a K bullet it stops it from repairing, allowing your team to continue inflicting damage.

Cavalry class

The "horse" riding soldier still has a collection of anti-tank options at his disposal. These include two light anti-tank grenades. If you've been galloping through the map with the sword until now, consider your secondary weapons when your team needs help vs vehicles.


This one should go without saying. The Behemoth has the game's most powerful weapons - take the opportunity to wipe out the opposing team's vehicle supplies when the Behemoth is offered to you.

Elite class

The "Tank Hunter" Elite class has been purposely designed to wipe out vehicles with it's overpowered Tankgewehr M1918 gun. Although slow to reload, a couple of shots from the M1918 will disabled or reduced light tanks to scrap. Elite crates are randomly found in each of the maps so make a note of their locations before spawning in.

Limpet mines

The Support class also has a pretty good anti-tank option. Limpet Mines are a charged bomb that you throw and it automatically detonates after a few seconds. Unlike Dynamite, Limpet Mines stick to surfaces - so with a skillful, well timed throw, you can stick them onto nearby vehicles.

Other weapons can deal damage too

Do not neglect the range of other weapons that can hurt tanks. These include stationary guns, mortars, tripwire bombs, planes and normal grenades.

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