Battlefield 1 - Puzzle Pieces and Crafting Explained

Battlefield 1 - Puzzle Pieces and Crafting Explained

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DICE have added a new crafting system in Battlefield 1 which appears under the familiar Battlepacks menu. Players can explore secret melee weapons that can later be unlocked and crafted in exchange for the right number of puzzle pieces.

Battlefield veterans will be well accustomed with Battlepacks from past games but with BF1, DICE have altered the theme slightly. Battlepacks now have the chance to drop "bonus items" which can include puzzle pieces. These are like little crafting ingredients to fully unlock new weapons that are otherwise unobtainable elsewhere.

Battlepacks are rewarded randomly following a match - so as long as you stay the course you will be in with a shout. There is also an exchange option which allows you to purchase additional Battlepacks in exchange for Scraps (in in-game currency).

Battlepacks official artwork

Craftable melee weapons vary from week to week, with new ones added to the "pool" following weekly resets. You will always know which items are available because they'll appear under the puzzles menu option, and if you're particularly interested in a melee weapon then it's worth putting in the extra effort before the pool is reset and the melee goes back into the waiting list for a future reset pool.

Where to view puzzle items?

Main menu screenshot

Puzzle items can be viewed by following these instructions:

  1. From the main menu, select MORE
  3. Select the PUZZLES option at the top

Available puzzle items are shown in a grid system, with the following information displayed for each craftable item:

  • Image (in-game model showing what the item looks like)
  • Name
  • Rarity (e.g. Legendary)
  • Number of puzzle pieces required

All Craftable Melee Puzzles

New puzzle items are added following the weekly reset. As new items become available, the list below will be updated:

Bartek Bludgeon

Bartek Bludgeon
Legendary, 5 Pieces

Sawtooth Knife

Sawtooth Knife
Legendary, 5 Pieces

Squad XP Boost
Legendary, 5 Pieces

More coming soon...

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