Attack of the Radioactive Thing Confirmed as IW Zombies DLC 3

Attack of the Radioactive Thing Confirmed as IW Zombies DLC 3

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Lee Ross has confirmed that the third DLC zombies map for Infinite Warfare will be called "Attack of the Radioactive Thing". The new map follows on from the previous entry, "Shaolin Shuffle", taking the IW zombies mode back to the 1960's era and the horror movie genre.

With all the understandable excitement over Zombies Chronicles, many Call of Duty Zombies fans will no doubt have forgotten about Infinite Warfare for the time being. For those who have the Season Pass or are simply fans of what Infinity Ward are doing with their twist of the zombies mode, then the new map called "Attack of the Radioactive Thing" will be on the radar.

Continuing the story of Willard Wyler, the new map takes the characters back several decades to the 60's and the classic horror era. Indeed we saw from the ending cutscene for Shaolin Shuffle that the next map would be darker, possibly with black and white elements, and with more horror aspects then we came to enjoy in Rave in the Redwoods.

A recent teaser image also showed what appeared to be the door to a haunted mansion, with a bats head symbol on the door - presumably a reference to vampires and other classic creatures you would associate with horror movies.


Official Image

Attack of the Radioactive Thing - official image


The following features have been found in the game files:

  • Crog-Zilla Boss
  • Map set in Sonova Beach
  • Elvira's Book
  • Crog-Brutes and Crabs
  • Red, Green, and Blue TV's
  • Arm the Bombs
  • Fill the Vials
  • Mix the Chemicals

Wonder Weapon

Just as Call of Duty entered it's "Days of Summer" event promotion, Infinity Ward decided to unveil the next zombies map in the Infinite Warfare season. Head of the zombies team, Lee Ross, tweeted out several teaser images including one mentioning that the Wonder Weapon would be like no other!

Wonder Weapon Twitter teaser

Complete Trophies List

Just a week before the maps release date and the trophies appeared through an Infinite Warfare patch. As before the Soul Key plays an important part in the Easter Egg:

Trophy from Attack of the Radioactive Thing

ALL Trophies

  • Dear Diary - Listen to Willard's personal recordings
  • MAD Proto - assemble the MAD (Modular Atomic Disintegrator)
  • Belly of the Beast - enter the bomb codes correctly on first try
  • Bait and Switch - use all traps
  • Mistress of the Dark - unlock Elvira
  • Unpleasant Dreams - collect the piece of the Soul Key as Elvira
  • Quarter Muncher - complete Skullhop
  • Soul-Less - recover the piece of the Soul Key

Fate and Fortune Cards

New Fate and Fortune cards were also revealed through the patch. As you can see below, DLC3 includes the "Stimulus" card which give allies a healing area affect after you shoot a zombie:

DLC3 - Fate and Fortune Cards

The full set of DLC3 cards are:

  • "Stimulus" card which give allies a healing area affect after you shoot a zombie
  • "Evade" - allows the player to dodge
  • "Ammo Crate" - spawns a crate that refills ammo as well as the F&F meter


Available soon...

The new map is part of the "Absolution" map pack which will be released on 6th July (Thursday!), first on PS4 and followed a month later on Xbox and PC.

More info coming very soon...

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