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Rave in the Redwoods - How to Get The Crossbow Wonder Weapon and Upgrade It

Rave in the Redwoods - How to Get The Crossbow Wonder Weapon and Upgrade It
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Rave in the Redwoods contains one of the COD zombies trademarks - the Wonder Weapon! For this particular map, the Crossbow is the secret Wonder Weapon and you'll find all the steps explaining how to get it, detailed information on its use and any upgrades to transform it in the guide below.

The Crossbow is a truly overpowered weapon, a real gamechanger in Rave in the Redwoods. It provides incomparable firepower to other wall and box weapons, and comes in handy anytime you're overrun, against the slasher BOSS and throughout the entire Easter Egg. I strongly recommend you go out of your way to complete the steps below to get this weapon as early as possible, before round 10 if possible.

Similar to other heavy weapons, the crossbow is a single shot weapon with a slightly delayed reload time to prevent overuse. It comes with minimal ammo, requiring players to make good judgement calls on it's use and to find time to replenish ammo supplies on a regular basis.


From the early trailers we caught our first glimpse of the Crossbow in it's hallucinogenic rave skin, complete with neon colours. For a split second it was used against a group of zombies and the aftereffects were comparable to the bows from Origins. With this in mind, it was a strong possibility that the Crossbow could be upgradable into several forms, each offering a unique attack ability. Well now we've seen the achievements list we know this is true.

Upgraded version

Upgrade Crossbow achievement

From the maps achievements list we know for sure that the Crossbow wonder weapon can be upgraded. In particular the "Stick Em" achievement is rewarded by getting 100 kills with the upgraded version. It's a Bronze trophy but considering the difficulty in obtaining the Crossbow to begin with you won't be getting this one easily.

Inventory Photo

Inventory screen

The Crossbow is one of the photos in the inventory screen, the second from the left to be precise. Like the other photos, you must find different parts around the map to fully unlock the item shown in the photo. In the case of the Crossbow you need to find four different statues to unlock each of the padlocks that are preventing you from getting the Crossbow inside the cabinet.

Locked Crossbow cabinet

How to get it

Right from the start Lee Ross said that earning the Crossbow wouldn't be easy and we'd really have to work hard to unlock it. The map follows suit from Zombies in Spaceland and it's like a mini Easter Egg in itself with several sequential steps, much like the space gun pistols from before.

Get the sausage


Go to the projector room that leads to PaP (where the Kevin Smith is). Look on the floor near the door and pick up a sausage from the bucket. If you haven't reached this room yet, then check the PaP guide on this site first.

Hit the Deer heads

Floating Deer Head

Go into Rave Mode by throwing a pouch in one of the bonfires or fireplaces around the map.

Now find the three Deer heads (on the walls, locations below) which have green gas coming out of them, then throw a sausage at each of the heads. Quickly follow the Deer head outside and shoot the back of it while it floats in the air. Use the fairies to help you extend the Rave Mode if required during this step.

Pick up the symbol which drops from the Deer head - each of these is a lock on the Crossbow locker.

Deer head locations

  • Mess hall (inside larger room)
  • Owl camp (through window barrier, looking into one of the cabins)
  • Spawn room (where golf club was)

Collect the Crossbow

Go back to the spawn room and collect the Crossbow from the locker.

How to upgrade

Double Crossbow

There are four different upgrades for the Crossbow, and depending on the upgrade steps you follow you will get a different upgraded version of the bow.

Collect the four statues

You will need four parts (Statues) to upgrade the Crossbow, with each part in a different area of the map. Inspect the item and the Crossbow photo will pop-up briefly to signify that you have collected a piece.

Once you have all four statues, go to the main rave area (ground level) and place the statues onto the table below the DJ decks.

Note - the statues seem to appear in three different locations, the list below will be updated as new part locations are found.

Part 1 - Deer/Moose Head

The Moose/Deer head is found in a trailer, just off the side of the main rave area. From the DJ decks area (where the trap is), take the platform leading towards the little trailer/building. Head inside and the Moose is on top of the table on the left.

OR, sometimes found outside on a bench in Camp Wolf.

OR, on a bench in the docks (near boathouse).

Part 2 - Eagle/Hawk

Located on the bench, upstairs on the way to the Mines from the Mess Hall. For exact directions: pass through the Mess Hall, take a left turn at the sign post, up the wooden stairs. Just before the 1250 barrier leading to Camp Wolf, the part is on the bench.

Or, under canoes at lake.

Part 3 - Owl

In Camp Wolf, found on the balcony of the restroom/toilet cabin.

Or, in the mine area by the bonfire. Check near the mattresses

Part 4 - Wolf

In the swamp area, just before the jump across the broken wooden bridge.

Or, on a picnic bench in the docks.

Or, picnic bench in Camp Wolf.

Charge the statues in rave area

Now that you have the statues they must be charged with zombie souls.

Go to the main Rave Area and place them individually in front of the DJ decks/speaker system. Now charge them by dismembering zombies (shooting arms or legs) in close vicinity to collect souls.

Charge at larger totems

Next, we can charge any of the statues by placing them next to their larger animal counterpart totems. These four larger totems are located in different places around the map. Once placed, kill zombies in the vicinity to collect souls, until the statue glows by which point you can pick it up again to instantly upgrade your Crossbow.

Totem Locations:

  • Owl statue - placed next to the Wolf Cabins sign in Camp Owl.
  • Deer statue - placed not far from the lake water, pathway leading up to small wooden building
  • Wolf statue - place in Camp Wolf near the signpost when leading away from Mess Hall
  • Eagle statue - place at the back of the Adventure Course, behind the bonfire.

    These are the upgrades you get from the different totems:

    • Owl = acid rain
    • Wolf = lightning
    • Eagle = Trap-o-Matic
    • Deer = Whirlwind (like thunder gun)


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