Shaolin Shuffle - How to Unlock Chi Attacks and Max Them

Shaolin Shuffle - How to Unlock Chi Attacks and Max Them

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Shaolin Shuffle, the zombies DLC 2 map for Infinite Warfare, contains a number of new "Chi" melee attacks that are classed as Wonder Weapons in their own right. In this guide I'll show you how to unlock these Chi skills and also how to max them out.

With Chi attacks players have the ability to inflict massive damage such as ground slam shockwaves similar to the DG-4 from Der Eisendrache. So far we have seen Chi attacks that freeze zombies to stone and then explode them, spirit attacks that incinerate and the sonic ground slam shown during the trailer.

Types and Challenges

Chi Challenges

In total there are four Chi style attacks that the player unlocks separately. These skills are mentioned individually on the Challenges menu but also as a Trophy for unlocking all four:

Chi Skills (Challenges)

  • Dragon Chi Killer - Kill enemies using the Dragon Chi Style
  • Crane Chi Killer - Kill enemies using the Crane Chi Style
  • Snake Chi Killer - Kill enemies using the Snake Chi Style
  • Tiger Chi Killer - Kill enemies using the Tiger Chi Style

Master Challenge

  • Got the Glow - Master the Chi Styles


Shaolin Skills: max all Chi abilities in a single game.

Rarity: Bronze.

The Chi attacks are originally granted in their basic form but can also be upgraded to their max state. Successfully maxing out all of the Chi styles will reward you with the Shaolin Skills achievement.

How to Get Chi Attacks

Chi attacks are available early in the game once you have access to the Dojo where Pam is located. Pam gives you the first Chi initially but others are available around the edge of the Dojo. Take note of the coloured bottles (yellow, blue, red etc..) that are around the edge of the Dojo - you can drink these to switch to the new "Chi" style.

During a "Chi" mode you will not be able to buy weapons off the wall until the phase has completed i.e. once the power has drained completely.

Follow the steps below to get a Chi and upgrade it.

  • Drink the Chi juice from one of the bottles inside the Dojo (the colour determines the style)
  • Get 15 x kills using melee attacks
  • Get 25 x kills using the Shuriken (ninja star)
  • Get 30 x kills (varies) using the Chi ability
  • Should be Rank 3 by now

See the section below for each of the Chi abilities and their Ultimate counterparts.

All Chi Attacks and What They Do


Dragon Chi

The Dragon chi is coloured yellow. It rains down a triple beam of yellow light that momentarily freezes zombies that get caught, then kills them thereafter.


Tiger Chi

This Chi is coloured blue. It creates a vortex ball, much like the Gersch device from Black Ops zombies) that sucks zombies into it and kills them.


Crane Chi

This Chi ability freezes zombies into solid stone and then explodes them into small pieces, similar to the Dragon.


Snake Chi

Spawns a skeleton that kills zombies on it's own until killed itself.

Ultimate Upgrades (Rank 3)

The Ultimate Chi abilities are really quite special and seriously overpowered. The Ultimate Snake Chi is probably the best one, giving you a Fist of Fury attack that punches zombies in quick succession, offering a moment of invincibility.

You unlock the Ultimate Chi by reaching Rank 3 which entails completing the full set of challenges for a particular Chi: 15 x melee kills, 25 x Shuriken kills and 30+ x Chi kills. You MUST have drunk the appropriately coloured Chi juice for the Chi you want to rank up.

Below are the upgraded abilities for each Chi:


Upgraded Dragon Chi

Easily the best upgraded Chi. Spawns a large dragon that circles the area, killing many, many zombies caught in its path.


Allows players to harness a "hulk" like ability, smashing the ground causing a shockwave that sends zombies up into the air.


Gives you the "liu kang" flying bicycle kick attack which causes the player to fly across the screen with a front facing bicycle kick, smashing zombies to pieces that are caught in flight.


Gives you the Fist of Fury attack which has an instant use (no delay) smashing zombies to pieces in close vicinity.

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