The Beast from Beyond Zombies Map Confirmed as Infinite Warfare DLC 4

The Beast from Beyond Zombies Map Confirmed as Infinite Warfare DLC 4

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Infinity Ward have confirmed that "The Beast from Beyond" will be the final zombies map for Infinite Warfare. As we all expected from the ending cutscene for Attack of the Radioactive Thing, The Beast from Beyond takes place in outer space with the musical era being the beginning of the millennium (2000's).

The timing for DLC 4 is no surprise, releasing straight after the successful WW2 private and public Beta periods, giving fans a chance to enjoy more COD without any overlap across the titles.

It's been a tough DLC season for Infinity Ward and no one has felt it harder than Lee Ross. Credit where credit is due though, Lee has held his head high and still promotes the new DLC chapters with the same enthusiasm. There have been countless tweets over the last 12 months signalling the approval of the promotional posters, character recordings, map name cryptics and many others.

So here we are - this is the farewell DLC for Infinite Warfare. The Beast from Beyond takes the four characters, who have previously visited a retro theme park, a twisted horror rave, a downtown martial arts arena and a 50's B-Movie landscape, to a brand new adventure in outer space. The map will no doubt follow the accustomed pattern and feature a well known celebrity figure to match the era. We don't know the person's identity yet but the 2000's did have countless sci-fi stars in movies such as Avatar, District 9 and Pitch Black to name just a few.

Fans have speculated, mostly based on IW's background, that DLC 4 will contain a throwback to Infinity Ward's previous survival mode, way back in Call of Duty Ghosts. Known as Extinction, the mode was actually pretty good, pitting players against aliens rather than the usual undead zombies. It too had elaborate boss fights and gave us the first character selection screen and linear progression that Treyarch had not offered previously.

The official trailer for "The Beat from Beyond" confirms that the Cryptid's, the alien monsters from Extinction, will be making a return. Shown at the very end of the trailer, a Cryptid leaps from underground tunnel and the trailer ends abruptly.

Since we've reached the final map for Infinite Warfare, will there be a Super Easter Egg with cross map references?? I wouldn't be surprised if The Beast from Beyond did include a major EE, especially considering Infinity Wards attempts to listen and accommodate community feedback following the Black Ops 3 entry last year. The biggest question is…..will fans have enough energy and enthusiasm to go after this Easter Egg or not?

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The Beast from Beyond - Map Details

  • Possible use of space suits
  • Low gravity rooms
  • Laser traps
  • Possible flamethrower Wonder Weapon
  • Return of Cryptids (aliens) from Extinction mode
  • Releases on 12th September

This map is part of the Retribution map pack, the final pack for Infinite Warfare.

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