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Rave in the Redwoods - Where is Power and Pack-a-Punch

Rave in the Redwoods - Where is Power and Pack-a-Punch
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In this guide you'll find locations for both the Power switch and the Pack-a-Punch machine in zombies Rave in the Redwoods. Both of these targets are extremely important in any COD zombies map and in Infinite Warfare DLC 1 it's no different. Power will help you turn on the important lighting and other electrical equipment in the surrounding Bear Lake area whilst the Pack-a-Punch is critical for ensuring high round survival and a sustained Easter Egg hunt.

Like Zombies in Spaceland, players can not only Pack-a-Punch their weapons a first time but can also double Pack-a-Punch once the necessary Easter Egg steps are completed. A double pack'd weapon is more than twice the efficiency of it's lesser standard version, typically with more ammo, firepower and added weapon attachments.

One last point that's worth mentioning. In Infinite Warfare zombies the Jug machine was renamed to Tuff Nuff but the importance of this perk hasn't change a damn bit. Under the Power Switch section below is also a location for this perk machine to help you out.

Power Switch

Power Switch

The Power Switch in Rave in the Redwoods is actually quite far into the map and you'll need the directions below to reach it. The end destination is the generator room with the zombies that's pinned to a circus style dart/knife board.

Directions from spawn


  1. Take the door to the right of the fireplace leading outside
  2. Over the wooden bridge and follow the pathway
  3. Follow route until the Mess Hall
  4. Go through the two Mess Hall rooms and back outside
  5. Sign post will be right in front of you outside (see image above)
  6. Take left turn towards Mines and Cabins
  7. Follow route onwards until you reach Camp Wolf
  8. Go through the camp, note the sign leading the way towards power
  9. Head into Old Marvin Mine and follow the tunnel
  10. Take the right turn as soon as you leave the mine
  11. Follow the wooden stairs down
  12. Note the Bang Bang perk machine
  13. Follow the path onwards and past the minecart
  14. Head into another tunnel leading deeper underground
  15. At the end of the tunnel is the generator room
  16. Pull the Power Switch and a secret stairway opens up, leading back to the spawn room

Tuff Nuff

Tuff Nuff

Once the power is on, the Tuff Nuff perk machine can be used. It is located in the Attic area of the log cabin (basically upstairs from the spawn room). Head upstairs, outside along the balcony and into the other small room on the top floor with bunkbeds in it.



Pack-a-Punch is well hidden in Rave in the Redwoods. It's actually away from the main island and the only way to reach it is with the boat. Before you can use the boat you must repair it by finding the propeller parts first.

Propeller parts

Boat parts - map

  • Part 1 - inside the Mess Hall, second room by the pillar
  • Part 2 - in the open Rave area (Recreational area), on the right of a little tent with red/white flags
  • Part 3 - upstairs from spawn, near Tuff Nuff (Jug machine) in same room

Build boat and reach the island

Turtle island map location

Once you have the parts, head to the south of the island to the boat house. There is a broken boat near the docks. Repair it then board the boat to ride it towards Turtle Island, shown on the map above with a blue circle.

Finding the film/projector reels

The projector on Turtle Island is your route to the PaP room but there's one more thing you need to do. Two film reels are required to fix the projector:

  • Film Reel 1 - on the floor by the docks, near to where you took the boat
  • Film Reel 2 - on Turtle Island, outside near the bonfire

Using the portal

Once you have the film reels, repair the projector inside the room on Turtle Island. Then pass through the portal to reach the PaP room. It looks very similar to the one on Zombies in Spaceland.


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