Shaolin Shuffle - Infinite Warfare Zombies

Shaolin Shuffle - Infinite Warfare Zombies

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After several weeks of speculation the second DLC zombies map for Infinite Warfare is now confirmed as Shaolin Shuffle. Teased in several parts by Lee Ross, the second installment which follows on from Rave in the Redwoods takes the characters back to the 70's era for some motown and disco classics.

The DLC pack is named "Continuum" and will be available first on PS4 on 18th April.

Trailer and Breakdown

New Features

  • Map is set in New York, both at street level and subway underground
  • New melee weapons including nunchucks and swords
  • Specialist style attacks including ground slam (similar to DG-4 from BLOPS 3)
  • New throwable weapons including ninja-stars
  • Black magic themed BOSS, wearing skull and bones, equipped with shield and staff
  • Deadshot style perk

Build Up

On the 5th of March, Lee Ross took to Twitter to confirm that the new maps cinematic and in-game dialogue was now complete and that the final recordings were taking place the following week. Not long after, on the 9th March, Lee continued the hype by revealing part of the maps poster, which although included some of the character names, it purposely cut off the maps name and the guest character.

DCL Poster cut off

Just as with Rave in the Redwoods and Kevin Smith, the mystery guest character for DLC 2 was the subject of much speculation. It wasn't until a week before the maps name was announced that we saw clues pointing to the guest characters identity. In typical COD fashion, the guest character accidently let slip on Twitter that she had been involved in recording sessions with Infinity Ward (these have since been deleted).

Pam Grier

The actresses name is in fact Pam Grier, the star of films such as The Big Bird Cage (1972), Coffy (1973), Foxy Brown (1974) and Sheba Baby (1975), although it was actually "Jackie Brown" in 1997 that she was most remembered for. Pam's onscreen career started right at the start of the 70's and this is exactly the character she's playing in Shaolin Shuffle, a swinging 70's character, reminiscent of the leading ladies in Austin Power films that we all know today.

Official Details

Infinite Warfare DLC 2 - Continuum


"Continuum, the second DLC map for Infinite Warfare delivers four new epic multiplayer maps and a funky zombies experience, Shaolin Shuffle, set in the mean, seedy streets of 1970's New York"

"Shaolin Shuffle is an action packed kung-fu fright fest, filled with enough traps, easter eggs and surprises to satisfy the needs of any master protecting their dojo"

Release Date

Shaolin Shuffle will be coming first to PS4 and the following month to XBox and PC. The release date is confirmed as the 18th April 2017.

More details coming soon...

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