Shaolin Shuffle - All Easter Egg Steps

Shaolin Shuffle - All Easter Egg Steps

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In this guide you'll find complete step by step instructions for the Shaolin Shuffle zombies Easter Egg, with individual steps, screenshots and other valuable information to help you achieve the EE yourselves.

With only a week to go before the Shaolin Shuffle map hit the PS4, we had a welcome surprise in the form of Black Ops 2 backwards compatibility for Xbox One. This alone was massive news and a big distraction from Infinite Warfare but now is the time to focus on the new DLC 2 map from Lee Ross and the rest of the IW team.

So where do we start? We know from the achievements list that the third piece of the Soul Key is the objective for this kung fu EE. The following achievements relate to the Easter Egg experience and should be accomplished along the way:


  • Pest Control : In Shaolin Shuffle, recover one piece of the Soul Key.
  • Message Received : The end of the longest journey is a single step.

Shaolin Shuffle is a fairly small map with several vertical sections, many hidden pathways and a small number of easy "training" areas. These areas will buy you ample amounts of time to advance the Easter Egg whether SOLO or in a group but also give you the opportunity to fine tune those Ultimate Chi skills.

Shaolin Shuffle screenshot

Lee Ross has hinted that this EE is harder than Rave in the Redwoods but not as hard as Zombies in Spaceland. He expects that it'll take players 72 hours to solve, which equates to 3-4 days of hunting and that players would need to share their findings across games in order to progress,. We will see if this timescale holds up!

To accomplish the EE we must unlock each of the Ultimate Chi abilities (rank 3) in order to open the secret doors and pathways. More information on this soon..

All Steps

1. Free the Rat

Rat cage

Around the map there are several rat cages with a live rat inside one of them. Drink a Chi juice from one of the coloured bottles to activate a Chi mode. Find the cage with the live rat inside and throw a Shuriken (ninja star) at it.

You may have to talk to Pam (inside Dojo) twice before the rat spawns into the cage.

Upon hitting the cage it explodes, releasing the rat who slowly crawls his way towards the next cage in the sequence. Repeat again by throwing a Shuriken at the next cage the rat has moved to. Repeat this step another four times until the final cage is broken and the rat disappears.

2. Charge the circle

Charge circle

A glowing circle will appear on the ground near the final rat cage. Charge the circle by getting zombie kills using a Chi ability. After enough kills the circle disappears and a Locker Key appears. Pick up the Locker Key to move on to the next step.

3. Open the Locker

Open locker

Take the Locker Key to the lockers underground at the entrance to the subway system. Open the locker door to reveal a mysterious set of symbols that are written inside the locker.

4. Open PaP room

PaP room

Find the three projector parts that are hidden around the map (there are several spawn points for each). Once you have all three go to the little room inside the theatre and interact with the projector to open the portal leading to the PaP room.

Part locations:


  • Under jug (tuff nuff) machine


  • Rooftops to the right side of Erad
  • Beside Quickies
  • On the ground next to Pink Cat
  • Beside trash outside from spawn

Film Reel

  • Right side of subway lockers
  • Sofa (couch) on top floor of Inferno Disco
  • Top of stairs near Jug
  • Rat king lair near sewer tunnel (large circular area)

5. Unlock double PaP

Alien fuse on train tracks in subway

Now that you have opened the PaP room, take note of the three buttons on the wall opposite the PaP machine. Press the button and quickly make your way to the rooftop where the Racing Stripes perk machine is.

On the wall here is a fuse box - walk over and pick up the fuses. Now head back to the subway tunnel where the train passes through. Go onto the tracks and walk over the electrified (sparking) cables. The fuses are placed on the floor.

Now leave the tracks and wait for the train to run over them. Once done, head back to the PaP room and insert the Alien Fuses into the machine. You now have double PaP ready to use!!

6. Gong step - shoot Chinese symbols

Chinese symbols

Look for the Chinese symbols that are written on objects around the map such as on the side of buildings, walls and doors. At each of the locations listed below, shoot the symbols in this exact order (1 denotes first symbol on left, 2 means second from left etc). Use only a single bullet and don't miss:

  • Dojo (on side of building, shoot from rooftop) - Shoot symbol 1
  • Toilet (look through barrier/window, near disco) - Shoot symbol 2
  • Fountain (opposite lion statue with wings, above box) - Shoot symbol 1 & 2

You should hear a Gong sound each time you hit a correct symbol.

7. Kill Rat King (Get Rat King Eyeball)

Rat King

A Rat King symbol will appear on the ground outside of the Dojo. Interact with the symbol to spawn in the Rat King boss. Inflict as much damage as possible to take him down and claim the Rat Kings eyeball item. This item can be thrown to scan the area and reused numerous times, just like the sausage from Rave.

8. Scan objects for Rat King symbols

Rat King symbol

Use the Rat Kings eye to scan for hidden Rat King symbols around the map. Simply throw the eye to scan a particular area then shoot the symbol with a Shuriken (ninja star). Each time you hit a symbol, the next one spawns so move from place to place, scanning and hitting the symbol.

Note: One of the phone booths in the subway will turn red for every successful symbol you have hit.

Possible locations are:

  1. Above door inside Dojo (see image above)
  2. Washing line, large sheet hanging high above alley (near lion statue with wings)
  3. Side alley of Dojo, through barrier, between hanging picture frames
  4. Outside Dojo, up ramp on rooftop, look through barrier, on wall
  5. Near Bombstoppers perk machine, outside map near police car
  6. Outside disco, up above on wall, left side of Inferno sign
  7. Spawn area, behind train, up above on metal railings
  8. Behind a speaker in the Heebie Geebies
  9. Rooftop of Inferno Disco, water tower in distance
  10. Ceiling of Inferno Disco, on airduct (tricky to spot, look down from broken rooftop window that you can fall through)
  11. Near Ripper wallbuy rooftop, look for building with blue towel hanging from balcony
  12. Left corner of the blue room near Trail Blazers (tricky to spot, jump to see it)

9. Listen to morse code

Nightmare summer poster

At this point one of the phones starts to ring. Pick it up and listen to the morse code message, which translates to a series of numbers e.g. 713. Find the "Nightmare Summer" poster with the same digits on the bottom left side of the poster and interact with it.

It should go into your inventory between the buildable parts for the projector and the Rat Kings eye scanning tool.

10. Place poster on spotlight and shoot letters

Rooftop spotlight

Immediately go to the roof of Inferno Disco and place the poster over the spotlight/search light, as shown in image above. The X shines onto a window, break it using grenades or explosive weapon. Now survive a small onslaught of ninja zombies.

Some letters (symbols) will now appear in the area (on the floor, table etc.), shoot these to spell a particular word. Confirmed working words so far are:


Use the image below to decipher which symbols relate to which letters:

Symbol mapping to alphabet letters

11. Kill Rat King (2nd time)

Go to the RPR Evo wall-buy and look for the Rat King symbol to start another fight with the king. The same tactics as before will work - just unleash as much firepower as possible and pause when he puts up his shield.

12. Get Rat Kings Brain and Turnstile Gate part

Immediately after killing the king, claim the "brain" inventory item and continue playing. During this period a little black symbol appears at the start of each round. After 3-4 rounds a "Missing Reel" cutscene plays before teleporting the player back to the Dojo.

You are now trapped in the Dojo, surrounded by fire. Survive this encounter and the Turnstile Gate part will spawn outside the entrance to the Dojo. Pick it up and place it in the broken turnstile in the subway.

The following achievement is unlocked at this point:

"Message Received - The end of the longest journey is a single step."

13. Climb ladder near Mule Munchies

Go to the alleyway near Mule Munchies and climb up the wooden ladder there. Once up top, shoot the rat symbol through the barrier/window. The blinds will close and several yellow circles will spawn around the map.

14. Collect zombie souls

Kill zombies inside these yellow circles until they are all full (x 6) and you hear a gong sound. A disco zombie will now spawn into the disco, holding what appears to be a disco ball.

15. Kill disco ball zombies

Disco ball above zombie

Stand within the vicinity of the disco floor and repeatedly kill the zombie with the glowing disco ball above its head. Each time you kill one, it'll transfer the ball to the next zombie and the next and the next. Keep doing this until the ball stops spawning in. For this step, it's worth bunching up zombies so the ball transfers successfully.

Note: If the ball doesn't appear, try going upstairs in disco and pressing square on the turntable (decks).

Once done, go to the area where the cars are (between Disco and PaP) and look for the Rat King symbol. Interact to start a third fight. If the symbol is not there then you probably failed the disco ball step. Wait for a new round and look for the disco zombies to try again.

16. Fight Rat King (third fight) and claim Rat Kings Heart

The third fight with the Rat King is tougher than the previous two so go in fully prepared. Successfully beating him once more will reward you with the Rat Kings Heart - another item that goes in your inventory.

17. Final Rat King BOSS fight

We're almost there now! Go to Pam in the Dojo and interact with her another time. She says that you have learned all you need and are ready for the final challenge.

Go to the Rat Kings lair in the sewer and look for the max ammo. End the round, the screen will fade to black and the Rat King appears on his throne. There are three symbols on the floor and even Pam joins in this time, offering revives for free.

Take note of the crates around the edge of the arena, these contain random perks which are extremely useful if you go down. Break the boxes using your Chi skills.

BOSS Fight Strategy

Like other IW zombie maps, there are several phases to this BOSS fight. First of all, attack the Rat King as much as possible so he retreats.

Afterwards, you choose which phase to start by using one of the Rat Kings items e.g. heart, eye or brain.

1. Eye:

Pink spots

Scans the room using the eye, it will be begin to randomly bounce around revealing pink symbols on the ceiling. Quickly shoot these symbols as soon as they appear and repeat until phase complete.

2. Heart:

Acid pools

Poisonous acid spawns around the edge of the arena. Kill zombies standing inside the acid to clean up the acid as quickly as possible. If on SOLO this is very, very difficult to do in the time window.

3. Brain:

Glowing blue brain

Interact with the blue brain to place it in the middle of the arena. Now protect the blue eyed zombies from Rat King attacks. For this phase just wait for the king to come running in, then concentrate your fire on the Rat King, it's quite a simple and quick phase.

Finally once the three phases are done, the Rat King becomes vulnerable so unleash everything you have to finish him off once and for all!

18. Claim the Soul Key and Katana


Congratulations you have now completed the main EE! You can now claim the Katana sword from the wall in the Dojo. It's an amazing Wonder Weapon with two excellent attacks, one of which is seriously OP. Players can also double PaP the sword to make it even stronger. Sadly the sword does have limited ammo so enjoy whilst you can!

Unlock Pam

Once you complete the main easter egg you can unlock Pam as a playable character by entering a small sequence of controller actions. Back out of the zombies lobby to the map selection screen, then use the controller to enter:

Up, Up, Right, Left, Down, Left

The character icon for Pam should appear.

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