Zombies in Spaceland - All Easter Egg Steps

Zombies in Spaceland - All Easter Egg Steps

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Infinite Warfare's zombies mode is a new direction for the COD series but with that introduction comes a familiar Easter Egg experience. In this post you'll find a complete guide with each of the steps required to complete the Zombies in Spaceland Easter Egg.

If you've been following my previous Treyarch Easter Egg guides for Black Ops 3 you'll be familiar with the format. For each of the steps you'll find useful screenshots and location information. I always like to give players fair warning when an EE requires more than one player (i..e not soloable) and I'll do the same again here.

Update This Easter Egg IS possible SOLO but the defend rounds and playing the tones will be considerably harder to complete. I strongly suggest having one of the stronger wonder weapons unlocked such as Dischord.

If you're interested in side Easter Eggs, see the bottom of this post or use this link to scroll down quickly.

All Steps

1. Collect secret items

Beatbox secret item

The following items must be collected from various locations on the map. There are three items in total (Calculator, Boombox, Umbrella) and each of them needs to be returned to the DJ (Hoff). Items are found in three possible locations, shown below.

Item Locations:


  1. Yellow bench in the center of the park
  2. Blue rubbish bin, second floor of the Astrocade
  3. Yellow table, upper level of Kepler System, next to the Chronosphere


  1. Behind the concession cart on the lower bridge, outside entrance to Spaceland.
  2. Highest point of Kepler System, on a counter overlooking the Log Plume
  3. Underground portion of Spaceland, on a counter in the break room


  1. Red bench at the bottom of the slides in the center of Spaceland.
  2. Gift shop in Polar Peak, left hand side of counter
  3. Journey to Space, in the corner by the rocket trap switch

2. Give items to DJ

DJ (Hoff)

Once you've collected the items above, open the PaP room and interact with the purple jar to release the UFO's. Clear the next two rounds and claim a new item ("SETI COM") by talking to the DJ.

If the Hoff (DJ) will not exchange the items, check that the giant UFO which is stuck in the mountain is playing the tones. This confirms the EE has be triggered correctly.

3. Place and defend the item

Defending umbrella

Venture through the map, particularly in areas such as the Fountain, Bumper Karts, underneath Coffee room, journey in space etc.

Wait for the screen to shake thus signifying that you're in the right place. Place the special item on the floor and defend it from zombie attacks. Be careful, if a zombie successfully attacks the special item you'll have to restart this process again.

Repeat this "place and defend" process three times, each time the defend time period will increase slightly.

Important: During this process there will be a clown wave. At this point, look up at the UFO above Ice Mountain. Remember the colour sequence.

4. Return item to the DJ

Speaker time shown on HUD

After successfully completing the three "defend" locations, return the item back to the DJ. Now complete a couple of extra rounds and talk to the DJ once again.

This time the DJ should give you a portable Speaker which you'll need to communicate with the BOSS a little later on. The image above shows the Speaker item which appears in the bottom left corner of the HUD after speaking with the DJ.

5. Place Speakers around PaP portal

Gold platform with Speaker on top

Go to the Black Hole portal area (which leads to the Pack-a-Punch machine) and take note of the three gold platforms surrounding the portal and the one additional gold platform on the steps leading up to the portal

Place a speaker on each of the four gold platforms.

6. Play tones in order


Each player must interact with their speaker to "play a tone". This tone or note, is a musical note and each speaker plays a different note. The key to playing the tones in order is to play them in ascending order so the tones go from a low sound to a higher pitched sound.

Once all four players have pressed their tones in order, you MUST all press the tones together as the final confirmation step.

If done successfully a giant UFO pops out of the mountain and hovers overhead.

7. Play simon says with UFO

UFO lights

Now commences a step of the familiar "Simon Says" game which often appears in the COD zombies gamemode. Watch carefully as the UFO repeats a particular pattern of lights - look at the circular plates on the ship when the tone sound starts. You must replay the lights back in the correct order, much like the scene from the "Close Encounters of the 3rd kind" movie.

Once you've noted the order consisting of blue, red, yellow and green colours, interact with the speakers on the gold platforms to replay the lights back to the UFO in the correct order. Replaying the light sequence incorrectly will spawn a Brute zombie that hunts you down.

Repeat this Simon Says game three times.

8. Alien BOSS Fight

Alien BOSS Fight

Following the Simon Says game, the alien BOSS will appear. Although small in size, this little fella can instantly teleport to different areas of the map including on top of buildings. He takes a tremendous amount of damage but don't let that put you off. Run loops around the main area, going back and forth along the two bridges, up and below. Turn and shoot whenever the alien teleports directly in front of you.

There are two main phases to the alien fight and one final phase to kill him. Following each of the main phases the alien will go down momentarily. Stand next to him and melee his back to expose a fuse.

After the two phases and a considerable amount of damage overall, the alien will eventually die. The UFO still remains and this becomes the final part of the EE.

Take a moment to pick up the two alien fuses from the steps and plant them inside the PaP machine. You can now PaP any ordinary weapon twice and also PaP a Wonder Weapon once.

9. Destroy alien ship

Yellow panels around sign

Now that the alien creature has been taken care of, it's time to confront the alien ship. Be very careful in this phase because the ship will launch tracking missiles if you get too close. It's best to dive in and out of the main square as you launch your attack.

The key to destroying the ship is to take note of the blue panels around the edge of the "Spaceland" circular sign (see image above). You can shoot the individual panels to turn them from blue to yellow, once all five are yellow the sign will electrify and shoot a beam into the sky. If timed correctly when the ship is underneath, the beam will blow the ship apart, completing the Easter Egg!!

An audio quote will commence saying..."Cut, cut, cut! You're ruining this film!"

Race towards the front of the main portal and pick up a piece of the Soul Key. The achievement "Sooooul Key" appears briefly on screen to signify that you have successfully completed the Easter Egg - congratulations!!

Additional information coming soon...

Side Easter Eggs

Unlock Hoff

Hoff character icon

Although we can call in Hasselhoff via the robot "N3IL", albeit in the form of Knight Rider, we can also unlock Hasselhoff as a playable character. Simple follow these instructions to do so:

From the zombies main (where you have options for Start Match, Loadout, Choose Film etc.) press:


....using your controller. The Hoff character icon should appear on screen as shown in the image above. Now simply start the match and you'll be playing as the Hoff!

Ghosts n Skulls

Ghosts n Skulls

Ghosts n Skulls is one of the arcade machines in Zombies in Spaceland. During one of the best side Easter Eggs of all time, players can actually hop inside the machine and face off against the skulls. By completing the Easter Egg you win permanent perkaholic i.e. every perk which you never lose.

The goal of Ghosts n Skulls is actually very simple: Entangle/trap a zombie using the Ghostbuster style weapon, position the beam over the skull which is changing from white to orange and destroy it before it turns red. You have three chances to loose red skulls before it’s game over.

Step by Step

To start the Easter Egg follow these steps:

1. Pop the balloons in spawn

2. Find skulls on top of buildings that spell out the word GHOST. Locations are:


  • G on the Galaxy Journey sign in Journey to Space
  • G on the Roller Rampage sign (Bumper Cars)


  • H in Chromosphere
  • H on the Hyper Slide sign in Cosmic Way


  • O on the Journey To Space sign in Cosmic Way
  • O on the Cosmic Tunes sign in Polar Peaks


  • S on the Star Mission sign in Journey into Space
  • S in Astrocade (sign above the Alley to Blue Boltz)


  • T on the Octonion Hunter in the Kepler
  • T in Moonlight Cafe

3. Go to the Ghost n Skulls machine, note the 4 numbers on the bottom edge - "1984" . Each number is coloured green, blue, pink, black respectively. Stand on the disco floor on a coloured tile, get kills which correspond to the coloured number from Ghost n Skulls. E.g. 1 x kill on green, 9 x kills on blue tile, 8 x kills on pink and 4 x kills on a black tile. The 3rd skull should appear after this process.

4. Play five arcade games in this way:

  • Cryptid Attack - skull randomly appears above one of the bars. simply hit the bar its above.
  • Rings of Saturn (Basketball) - get three balls into the basket in a row.
  • Black Hole - get the ball to drop in the slot below the large skull.
  • Zombie Zoom - spam the trigger whilst aiming at the bullseye to ensure your character claims the skull before the enemy zombie does.
  • Bowling for Planets - throw the ball in the hole to get the skull before it disappears

If you fail too many times on one of the games, you must wait another round before the skull reappears.

5. Wait to complete the main Easter Egg then wear the shades. Look above the PaP portal, you should see the skull floating above. Shoot the blue nodes around the archway (same as EE steps) to shoot the lazer and hit the skull.

6. Wait for a Brute to spawn, tempt him to fire his lazer beam at the Ghost n Skulls machine. It should electrify, then simply interact to play the arcade game.

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