Zombies in Spaceland - How to get the Dischord Wonder Weapon

Zombies in Spaceland - How to get the Dischord Wonder Weapon

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The Dischord weapon is one of Zombies in Spaceland's main Wonder Weapons which is craftable from three parts (stickers). It has a great tornado style attack, resembling the Origins staff in some ways. In this tutorial you'll find a complete guide for crafting this weapon in Infinite Warfare zombies.

Before we start, it's worth noting that this weapon will take a while to craft. The three parts are spread through three different mechanics, they're not simple parts that you find and pick up.

It's worth opening up all of the doors on the Journey side of the map as well as the Bumper Car section. It's also worth doing the N3IL challenges to get some easy tickets because you'll need lots of those. PaP must also be open to complete one of the later steps.

All Steps

Ok, here are all the steps for Dischord...

1. Get three different coloured Souvenir coins

Souvenir machine

For the first part of the Dischord weapon you need to collect three different coloured coins (green, blue, red) and place them inside the Souvenir machine outside the Arcade. Do NOT place them in any other Souvenir machine.

Zombies will randomly drop coins that you automatically pick up (from drops) and are added to the bottom left side of the HUD. Deposit these one by one into the machine, in any order you like.

The circular ball part will float in front of the machine if done correctly. Pick it up to claim the second part in the sticker pack for Dischoard.

2. Collect shades and shoot targets

Red target

Wait for a zombie to drop the Shades item. Pick them up, then toggle the view mode so the screen turns black and white.

Next, explore the map as much as you can, hunting for the red targets (shown on the image above) and shooting them. There are five targets in total and each target will spawn in a different location - some are obvious and others hidden slightly through windows.

Some examples of target locations for me were:

  • Near PaP teleporter, on front of building
  • Corner of room, inside Bumper Cars
  • End of corridor, opposite the Souvenir Machine
  • Through window, inside arcade
  • Underneath entrance to Polar, visible after taking slide

Once you've hit all five targets, go to the arcade and collect the part from the dance floor. This is the first part in the sticker pack for Dischord.

3. Replace alligator's golden teeth

Alligator's teeth

For this step you'll need lots of tickets!

First, buy an Arcane Core from one of the ticket stands around the map (we'll need this later). Next, buy the Golden Teeth from the shop counter (where you can see inflatable guitars and spacemen figurines).

Wait for a Brute to spawn in then tempt him inside the giant alligators mouth/teeth. Rather than crushing zombies, the Brute will hold the alligator's mouth open, smashing away some of his teeth.

Now replace the missing teeth with the Golden Teeth that you bought a moment ago.

4. Spawn UFO's

UFO flying in disco room

Go to the Pack-a-Punch room by passing through the main teleporter. Walk straight ahead and interact with the jar object on the table. Several UFO's should spawn in.

Head to the arcade and activate the Disco Ball trap once the UFO is flying above. After a huge number of kills, the UFO should change colour and take an alternate path around the arcade.

Follow the UFO, killing zombies in close vicinity (with the weapon that has the Arcane Core) so that souls are collected. Eventually the UFO changes into a ball of light that you can pick up from the floor. This temporarily upgrades your weapon for the next step.

5. Shoot alligator panels

Head back to the alligator's head where you placed the golden teeth. Stand inside his mouth and this time shoot the little panels (x 4) inside his throat. One of them should open, allowing you to pick up the final part for the Dischord weapon.

6. Collect the Dischord

Dischord collection point

We're all done now! Simply return to the Arcade and approach the little Dischord alien shown in the image above. Interact and the weapon is yours to take for a spin!

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