Zombies in Spaceland - How to get the Headcutter Wonder Weapon

Zombies in Spaceland - How to get the Headcutter Wonder Weapon

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The Headcutter weapon is the third pistol style Wonder Weapon in Zombies in Spaceland. In this post you'll find a simple guide for getting your hands on this weapon in Infinite Warfare zombies.

Ranking between the other Dischord and Shredder weapons, the Headcutter has an insta-kill effect, causing zombies to stop in their tracks followed by their heads exploding. The weapon is a little tricky to unlock but the steps below will guide you through the process.

As before, the weapon requires three parts: a battery, souvenir toy and a gem. You will need a considerable number of tickets for this process (950 in total) and must have already unlocked the PaP area. The Headcutter weapon probably takes the longest to unlock compared to Dischord and Shredder.

1. Get the Yeti toy

Yeti toy

The middle part for the Headcutter is a Yeti toy. Simply collect 3 x green coins (random drops from zombies) and deposit them one by one into the Souvenir machine at Polar Peak. The toy will appear as soon as the third green coin is deposited.

2. Get the battery

Yeti monster

This next step is a little tricky to accomplish. First, go into the arcade and head over to the counter where you buy various items in exchange for tickets. The item we're after is the "cryo grenade", which is a brightly coloured blue ball with pentagonal shapes on it. It cost 350 x tickets which will take you a while to accumulate.

Essentially, cryo grenades freeze zombies, so head outside of Polar Peak and look for the giant Yeti monster (shown in image above). Throw the cryo grenades exactly at his head. Fingers crossed he should lean over a bit and start breathing ice cold air.

Now get 20-30 headshot kills while the zombies are frozen by this Yeti. Eventually the Yeti will make a roaring sound to signify the step is done. Simply collect the battery from the Yeti inside the gift shop of Polar Peak when ready.

3. Get the gem

Brute trapped in alligators mouth

The third part is a gem/emerald and this takes the longest to acquire. Make sure you have opened the PaP area, head through the portal and upon entry in the PaP room, interact with the purple jar on the desk directly in front of you. Four UFO's will spawn in and fly off.

The one we're interested in is the UFO at Polar Peak. Use the lazer trap in this area (called Steel Dragon trap) to kill roughly 20-30 zombies, until the UFO changes course and takes a wide path around the area.

Now head to the concession stand to purchase the Arcane Core attachment for 300 x tickets. Go back to the UFO and get kills (using the weapon with the Arcane Core attachment) to send souls towards to UFO.

Once roughly 20 zombie souls have been collected, the UFO drops a glowing ball which you must pick up to change your weapon into an Ice version.

Next, head to the shop inside the Arcade to purchase the Gold Teeth for 300 x tickets from the counter. Go to the alligator/crocodile in Kepler System and trap a Brute inside his mouth. The mouth will close but the alligators teeth will shatter.

Replace the teeth with the Gold Teeth and finally shoot the panels inside the alligator's mouth/throat to reveal the third and final part.

4. Build the Headcutter

The final Headcutter weapon can be assembled in Polar Peak by visiting the little cardboard cutout.

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