Black Ops 3 Zombies - The Giant Map Trailer and Story Explanation

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Following the world reveal of Black Ops 3 zombies, fans are actually more excited for The Giant, a Der Riese remake with the original characters, than the alien infested Film Noir map known as Shadows of Evil.

For some reason, Treyarch prohibited video recording from inside the Comic Con event, asking attendees to turn off mobile devices and tablets as soon as the panel started. Some videos escaped and made their way onto YouTube, only to be taken down with Copyright warnings within a couple of hours. Thankfully, we now have a High Quality video of The Giant from Treyarch themselves, ready to drool over and dissect in anticipation before November.

The Giant - teleporter

In this post I'm going to talk through the trailer, put the story back together from where we left off in Origins and now the reconnection to WaW and Der Riese. It's a little confusing but bare with me and all will become clear.

As you may already know, The Giant is a bonus map for Black Ops 3 and because of this it's only available to those who purchase the Season Pass or high level editions such as Hardened and Juggernog. That might be a financial problem for you, but ask yourself this, would you be happy playing only Shadows of Evil in November? I for one wouldn't be.



You may remember an audio file from the original Der Riese map where Richtofen teleports Samantha and Maxis away so he can gain full control over the zombies, at which point Richtofen laughs and the audio cuts off. This was the last audio file from Die Riese and is included at the beginning of The Giant trailer.

Power switch on Der Riese

At this point, time has stopped following the teleportation of Maxis and Samantha. Several of the Origins characters are teleported to Der Riese but excluding Richtofen. He's the only one that's still from the WaW timeline and thus a future version compared to the others. Just look at his appearance, he's clearly older. Remember, Origins took place before Die Riese (timewise) even though the map was released after.

Origins characters

So we have Origins Takeo, Dempsey and Nikolai, but a Der Riese Richtofen.

At this point all of the Origins characters are pointing their weapons at Richtofen and a short dialogue takes place:

Dempsey: This ain't funny doc
Nikolai: Turn around
Takeo: Show me
Richtofen: Do you know who I am
Dempsey: We know, that's why you better do exactly what we say
Nikolai: A great evil approaches, there is a chain of events that must be set in motion
Takeo: The future hangs by a thread, you must awaken the test subjects
Dempsey: Whatever you're thinking of doing you do not want to do it
Nikolai: You do not want to meet whats on the other side of that door
Takeo: You cannot begin to comprehend the greater evil you could unleash

The Origins crew desperately attempt to convince Richtofen to NOT open the door to the teleporter. Richtofen ignores the pleas from his compatriots and continues activating the teleporter.

Origins Richtofen appears in Teleporter

The Origins Richtofen (younger version) appears in the teleporter. The Der Riese version is giddy to see his younger self, immediately taking off his hat as a show of respect. At which point, BAM! Shot to the head and Der Riese version of Richtofen is now dead, cutting the future timeline for Richtofen out of the zombies story.

Richtofen face

Another short dialogue sequence occurs:

Dempsey: Damit Richtofen I thought we were done with this
Richtofen: What can I say Dempsey things change
Nikolai: Only a fool would dare to change history
Richtofen: I am no fool, what I do I only do to secure a better tomorrow
Dempsey: Yeah, well let's see if we live to see it

Trailer ends.

A changed future

Now that we know Richtofen has changed the future storyline what does this mean for zombies? Well, the shared theory is that Richtofen is now in control of the story line and all the events from Shi No Numa all the way up to Moon no longer exist - this is Richtofen's chance to finally fix things and make things right.

Moon zombies map

Samantha no longer needs to extract revenge on Richtofen for teleporting her and her father, thus the Earth is no longer destroyed through the Big Bang Theory Easter Egg on Moon, leading to Tranzit.

For us as players, this means that the timeline starting from Der Riese can now be completely rewritten from a different perspective. It corrects all the mess that Richtofen left and blanks the canvas for the storyline. This doesn't necessarily mean that the future will be any better than what Richtofen had in mind though, it could easily be worse.

We won't know for sure what direction Treyarch takes things in, until at least the ending of The Giant or the first DLC for Black Ops 3. I guess they'll want to take players to brand new locations but with tie ins to Samantha and her reasons for changing the future.