Black Ops 3 Zombies - Super EE Steps

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Following the disappointing ending for Revelations, many of us put our hopes into a cross map Easter Egg that would finally give us the ending cutscene that we all crave for Black Ops 3 zombies. In this post I'll be providing guidance on the Super EE and any associated steps to unlock it.

Before we start, let me stress that this post is dedicated to *possible* Super EE steps that until discovered are just that, *possible*. However, we can rest assured that the Super EE looks to be on the cards - indeed we have the following evidence so far...


Secret 3rd cutscene video

secret 3rd video

Along with the release of Revelations on Xbox and PC a brand new video was added into the Steam game files, sitting nicely alongside the other video assets in the local Steam folder (see image above). This is the strongest hint yet that another ending is hidden in the game.

Folder location is: \Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\video

The new video is named zm_genesis.mkv, referring to the code name for Revelations which is genesis. This video is separate to the existing outro and loadingmovie cutscenes which are both smaller in size. We can therefore deduce that the cutscene will be longer than the original ending.

Sadly, this video is encrypted so there's no option to just play it outside the game - players must complete the necessarily steps in-game to unlock it. We can't just open it up and confirm what the video contains.

Update - Sadly, it has been proven that the video file is simply the Shadows of Evil cutscene purposely renamed with the word gensis.

Varying Revelations file size

Deleting DLC 1, 2 and 3 alters the final download size for Revelations by approximately 0.7 GB. This leads us to believe that Revelations has some connection to the other maps through a cross map EE.

TheReal_DF comments

Revelations trailer screenshot 1

A well known hacker, who had previously picked apart the PS4 and PC game files to bring us Wonder Weapons and Easter Egg steps from Der Eisendrache and Zetsubou well before their release, has provided strong clues to a Super EE.

After the original disappointing ending, TheReal_DF stepped in to say that players should wait for the map to be available on all platforms and then hunt across all previous maps for the next step. We are now at this point in time.

Unused items

Throughout the course of Black Ops 3 zombies, several unused items have been discovered such as the Margwa Heart from Shadows of Evil and Al's Helmet from Revelations. These items cannot surely be cosmetic and must serve some purpose.

Revelations Staffs and Blundell's Comments

Blundell's ultimate tease was his confirmation that Revelations would see the return of the Origins staffs. So far we have only seen them mentioned via the mural on the wall in Kino and the ending cutscene with the Primis characters. Surely Blundell wouldn't troll fans to this limit if this is what he really meant? He also stated that "When you think you've finished everything after the Easter Egg you're wrong".

Super EE Steps

Revelations trailer screenshot 2

This section will contain confirmed steps for the Super EE, if and when they are confirmed.

Status - So far there are no confirmed Super EE steps. The most promising evidence to it's existence has now been proven otherwise: The 3rd cutscene video was purposely faked by Treyarch and is infact the Shadows of Evil cutscene renamed with the word genesis.

I'm afraid the Super EE is all but gone until someone decrypts the video or other in-game quotes. I will update should either of these occur.