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Treyarch have confirmed that Gorod Krovi is the next DLC zombies map coming in Black Ops 3. Part of the DLC 3 offering called Descent, Gorod Krovi takes players on a new journey as Richtofen continues his grand scheme to rewrite history and avoid the mistakes that led to the original catastrophic outbreak.

Many fans had expected that DLC 3 would take place in Stalingrad and it certainly has that distinctively harsh and unforgiving feel to it. Not only do we have a city in complete disarray but the speculation about dragons was true! They are clearly patrolling the skies above with desperate anti-aircraft gunfire trying to take them down.

The official map description reads:

"After escaping the swamps of Zetsubou No Shima, the Origins characters are hurled into a war-torn Stalingrad. Our heroes face their most dangerous enemies yet among the remnants of a battle between giant mechanized soldiers and ferocious dragons."

Story wise, this is Nikolai's map and that makes perfect sense for our drunk Russian comrade. With two of the team taken care of, Richtofen now has only himself and Nikolai to deal with before his master plan is complete….or is it?!

Gorod Krovi - Release Date

Due for release on 12th July, Gorod Krovi will be available first on PS4 and then a month later on Xbox One and PC. We know that the Giant and Der Eisendrache both made it to older generation consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360) but it's unlikely that Gorod Krovi will be released for last gen this time around.


What to Expect

Gorod Krovi - Screenshot 1

Check out the trailer breakdown which explains each of the new features in detail.

Given the throwbacks that we've seen in recent maps, we will see the return of classic Wonder Weapons in Gorod Krovi such as a Mark 3 version of the Ray Gun, a revamped Winters Howl or maybe a Mark 2 of the classic Wunderwaffe. There's also increasing evidence (and optimism) that a secondary Flamethrower weapon, which we haven't seen since the World at War days, will make it's debut for the first time in zombies.

Love it or hate it, Zetsubou no Shima was such a trippy map - those coloured plants, the Thrasher beasts and the twisted Takeo boss are just a few examples. With this new map however, it's going to be more of a hardcore classic, with a gritty environment similar to what we saw in Der Eisendrache and The Giant.

Gorod Krovi - Electric Crawler zombies

Let's also not forget that with only one more map until the conclusion of Black Ops 3, Treyarch will certainly be reserving some of their best secrets for the grand conclusion. In particular, there's one major unanswered question in the story line - who is the other person that Richtofen speaks about? Are we fighting against Maxis, Dr Monty or something far greater? DLC 3 may provide a glimpse into this and if it does, it's bound to be part of the Easter Egg for this map.

DCL 3 Build Up

Gorod Krovi - Screenshot 2

It's been a busy couple of months for Call of Duty. Several weeks ago a new memories trailer was published on YouTube, filling the six month gap since the original Nikolai memories trailer. This time around it was Richtofen's turn to blow our minds and he certainly did that and more! Fading in to the familiar forest scene, Richtofen starts by introducing himself and then unravels a huge chunk of the story line.

He confesses that he's been trying "so very hard" to do the right thing but ultimately none of it matters - it will all soon be gone. The mysterious blood vials received their first significance in the storyline, increasing the likelihood that Richtofen will sacrifice himself before being resurrected back to life following DLC 4.

Things went quiet thereafter, with Activision choosing to promote their next game in the Call of Duty series called Infinite Warfare. Some had hoped that Treyarch would offer a glimpse at DLC 3 during the Sony E3 conference but it wasn't to be.

Then on the 27th of June, the first teaser image for DLC 3 appeared on the Call of Duty Twitter feed. It wasn't for zombies but instead showed a remake of the Raid multiplayer map from Black Ops 2. Then low and behold, a couple of hours later we received the first official teaser image for Gorod Krovi - appeared to show a ballroom that closely resembled the one from Kino der Toten.

A day later and the first trailer for DLC was uploaded to the Call of Duty YouTube channel and the hype intensified!