Zombies Revelations Ending/Intro Cutscene Leaked - DLC 4 MAJOR Spoilers

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We all know that Treyarch's Revelations will be the final zombies map from Treyarch, concluding the story of Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai. Tonight we learned how the story may end, with a data miner posting the dialogue for both the intro and ending cutscenes.

Update: The official prologue for Revelations has proved the leak to be true.

I'm certainly not a fan of spoiling games for anyone else, especially one which I love as much as Treyarch zombies, but I took the decision to read the spoiler because I was curious to see if it was real. It does appear to be very real indeed

For me it's too late to be spoiled anymore BUT there is still a chance to avoid the spoiled ending, to keep away from the leaked information and hold out to discover the ending for yourself.

If that's you then TURN BACK NOW...do NOT continue reading if you don't want SPOILERS. That's your last chance, don't say I didn't warn you.

Stay off of YouTube, avoid any kind of "leaked" videos!!

Leaked Dialogue


Richtofen in the forest

Monty: "Okay... Let's recap a bit, shall we? This was meant to be a new start really - a perfect world - free from all the evil that had corrupted each and every corner of the known and unknown universe... It was going to be a place of safety for the kids - The little yous. You - Little. So far so good. But things started to go wrong soon after you arrived. Now - I can understand your initial shock coming face to face with Maxis - especially after so long. But - You did the right thing - you followed the plan. You brought the Summoning Key here, and you destroyed that bloody machine once and for all. Thing is... Maxis went and ballsed everything up."

Mysterious Voice: "Please. You must help me."

Monty: "He heard voices, you see. Calling to him."

Mysterious Voice: "Only together can we prevent the destruction of your world."

Monty: "It wasn't really his fault - You know he hasn't actually got his soul yet?... All I got was a brain. Anyway - the KEY thing - as in the thing that is key - is that Maxis fiddled around with the summoning thingamajig - and accidentally released an even bigger bastard. Someone even I didn't know was in there. The Shadowman... The one and only - original - harbinger of doom. So - I'm going to be absolutely truthful with you. Things have got way too far out of control. This isn't any vague 'whoo-hoooo' evil. We're talking about the APOTHICONS. The most powerful - and evil - entities in all the existences that ever... existed. And now they're here... In our perfect world. I'm not going to sugar coat things - It's a fucking shitshow.

Official Video


Blood vials

Monty: With the evil vanquished, I can start making it all nice again. No undead, no Apothicons, no Shadowman - all of it gone forever. But here's the funny thing... You snowflakes shouldn't even still be here. You should be fading out of existence by now. Those blood vials."

Richtofen: "I was wondering when you'd bring this up."

Monty: "They're from realities we've already closed off. They shouldn't be here - they can't be here. Such a paradox means you're putting my perfect world at risk! What to do? What to do? You certainly can't stay here."

Richtofen: "You could... send us somewhere else. Somewhere we've never been."

Monty: "Hmmm... I suppose I could make a little corner somewhere in history - a place where I can dump some of the other shit I have left over. Or... I just wipe you from existence. Oh, hang on - actually that all works out perfectly!"



Paper scraps from Shadows of Evil

There's alot to take in from the leaked dialogue but it's clear that in Revelations we must use the Summoning Key to destroy the 115 machine once and for all. We assume this is the ancient machine that fires blue 115 energy from it's peak, shown in the teaser trailer.

After a long absence in the story, we will come face to face with Maxis. Unfortunately he's been tempted by the dark voices in his head: "Only together can we prevent the destruction of your world". As a result Maxis has tampered with the Summoning Key and inadvertently released the Shadow Man. Monty refers to the Apothicons as "The most powerful - and evil - entities in all the existences that ever... existed. And now they're here".

From the text, it's clear there's a strong focus on Richtofen for the final chapter, presumably involving a face off with Maxis for his mistake and an irreversible consequence of Richtofen's actions against him. Does Richtofen kill Maxis? Quite possibly.

Based on the intro, the map will presumably contain a mixture of zombies, Apothicons and a final boss battle with the Shadow Man as we had all predicted.


Richtofen close up

This is the major part of the spoiler so only read if you want to...

Monty says that "With the evil vanquished, I can start making it all nice again" but there's a dilemma now that all of the evil has been vanquished from the world. You see the four characters should have faded out from existence but the blood vials are preventing that from happening.

Richtofen says "I was wondering when you'd bring this up". With the blood vials still around there's a paradox problem. Richtofen suggests that Monty could "... send us somewhere else. Somewhere we've never been.".

After a moment's thought, Monty agrees that he has the perfect place, not only for the characters but also for a shit tonne of stuff has has left over. "Hmmm... I suppose I could make a little corner somewhere in history".

This is only the cutscene dialogue but we can take a good guess where this place is - the forest! It also ties in perfectly with Richtofen's memories trailer from earlier in the year where Richtofen says "Long ago I made a promise...a vow to protect him. In order to keep my word I have done bad things...very bad things. I do not regret the pain that I have caused, because none of it really matters at this moment...this me".

If this does turn out to be the ending then I for one am very pleased in Treyarch's choice. Only the final "official" cutscene will prove anything and it's going to be fun working out that Easter Egg.