Revelations Zombies Map Confirmed for Black Ops 3 DLC 4

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Revelations is the name of the final zombies map for Black Ops 3, confirmed through the ending cutscene for Gorod Krovi. Players will finally get to meet Dr Monty and understand exactly why Richtofen has been collecting those 1.0 souls.


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Those many tiresome hours tackling the Easter Egg for Gorod Krovi have paid off with another mind bending cutscene and the lead up to our next zombies adventure. Let's take a moment to review the cutscene and understand where the story is taking us next.

After successfully completing the final few Easter Egg steps for Sophia, the crew pass on the Power Core to Nikolai. It's then a straight up fight against the gigantic dragon that originally threw Nikolai through the building during the intro cutscene. This fight is particularly hard with not a moment's respite and almost certain death if you lose your perks.

The work isn't finished after the dragon fight either because 1.0 Nikolai turns on the players; extending the boss fight into a "Round 2" scenario. It's then a mad dash to avoid his rockets whilst simultaneously hitting those weaker yellow spots on his mech unit.


But right at the end when the hard work is done, Nikolai 1.0 has all but given up as he sits trapped inside his crumbled mech unit. He beings be saying "You think you will kill me now!?"

Nikolai in Mech - Ending Cutscene

Nikolai 2.0 responds by saying "Know this, in my heart I share the same pain as you".

As if the fight wasn't enough for Nikolai 1.0 he takes one last swipe at other Nikolai by pulling out his pistol and trying to kill him. Thankfully the bullet doesn't cause any lasting damage and Nikolai 2.0 kills his other self with split second precision.

Surprisingly quiet during the cutscene, Richtofen captures his soul in the Summoning Key before saying "the souls have been collected Maxis".

Gorod Krovi - Ending Cutscene

The entire team are then teleported through the Origins portal in the sky. But wait….count carefully. Why are only three members sent through the portal in the sky? What about Richtofen?

Dr Monty

At this point in the cutscene we start to get suspicious and even more so when the "secret audio" clue plays in the background - for all players except for Richtofen! This is the audio transcript:

The good news is, you're nearly done. It will soon be time to come to the house.

But this plan...a lot of it has been riding on Richtofen. Before he caught up with you guys, he spent years traveling, searching out just the right versions of you. The ones who held the key to closing off the other dimensions. I think you now know what that entails. The point is he's been in the house for ages. But don't tell him.

Anyway, it'll all make sense when you get here. You'll see. Honestly, it's going to be fine.

Oh shit, I completely forgot. I should introduce myself.

I'm Dr. Monty

Revelations - Link to Origins

Origins zombies map

The logo for the Revelations map bares all the hallmarks of the "Origins" zombies map from Black Ops 2 - whose ending cutscene originally introduced us to the idea of the house where the children were playing.

Take note of the hieroglyphs weaved into the font which look very similar to the hieroglyphs we saw in Origins, the crazy place and the staff engravings. It's too much of a co-incidence that these symbols would appear here, making it almost certain that we will be going to Samantha's House in DLC 4.

The Revelations zombies map will be part of the DLC 4 map pack due out in September.