Zombies Der Eisendrache - Where to find Jug and Pack a Punch

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In this post I'll explain exactly how to find both Jug and the Pack a Punch in Der Eisendrache. Both of these are essential tools on any zombies map with Jug being a priority in the middle rounds and Pack a Punch a necessity for high rounds.

Treyarch are going to mess with your mind again so don't expect to just find PaP because there's a process to follow. It's similar in some ways to Shadows of Evil where you had to place the ritual items on all pedestals to construct the PaP machine - thankfully it's less painful this time around.

It's also worth noting that the Trophy list revealed a Silver trophy called Take a Bow which involves upgrading the "Wrath of the Ancients" Wonder Weapon. I'm not sure yet if the PaP is the route to upgrading this weapon but it could be.

Ok, let's start with Jug...

Jug Location

Jug Location

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As any good zombie slayer will know, Jug is the perk that grants the player additional resistance to zombie attacks, rather than 3 strikes are you're down it's increase to 5. It costs 2500 points to buy the perk.

Tunnel Location

After spawning into Der Eisendrache you find yourself in the cable car room (Tram room). The rockets have just taken off in the background and you're on round 1.

Cable car room

From the cable car room go up the stairs on the right to the second level. There is a huge cog that drives the cable cars up and down, it's sparking to signify that it's broken. Now take note of the underground tunnel entrance on your right.


This gate is NOT a points gate and the power must be turned on first before the gate will open. After you turn on the power in the step below, return to this point and Jug is on the right hand side just after the gate.

Turn on the Power

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  1. Rack up the points by killing enough zombies then exit the cable car room using the door on the right.
  2. Buy your way through the second gate leading into the courtyard and the first dragon location.
  3. Take the stairs leading up and walk across the long bridge.
  4. Buy your way through the door leading to a small bedroom.
  5. Veer to the right and follow the path round.
  6. Buy your way through the next expensive gate leading to the armory.
  7. Walk straight forward to the end, turn left - the Power Switch is on the wall in front of you.

Note: It doesn't look like Jug spawns in any other location.

Pack a Punch Location

PaP pieces teleporter

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Step 1 - Teleport Pieces

In Der Eisendrache you must teleport several PaP pieces before the Pack a Punch is built and then usable. There are three teleporter locations and players must walk up to the teleporter to make the following message appear:

"Teleport PAP pieces"

Confirm the action and the pieces will float up in the air, get electrocuted and then disappear.

PaP Teleporter #1

The first teleporter is located behind the Power Switch, outside near the Death Ray trap. This location is called the Bastion and it's actually a convenient location because you need to turn on the Power anyway to use the teleporter.

PaP Teleporter #2

The second teleporter is located in an underground chamber, just beyond the first dragon in the castle courtyard.

Players must switch on the power to access the locked door below the dragons position. Once opened, enter the tunnel and head underground. Take the door on your right, then follow the route into the large chamber. The PaP teleporter is just behind the stone wall.

You'll know you're in the underground chamber because this is also where the pyramid is located.

Step 2 - Use the PaP

PaP final location

PaP Teleporter #3

The third location is actually the PaP itself but you still need to complete one more build before it's usable. The hard part about this step is actually finding the third location. To get there you'll need to buy your way through the gates not far from the second PaP, then use the teleporter to teleport to the Rocket Launch site.

Walk up the steps on the left of the rocket and the PaP will be there. It costs the usual 5000 points.

Note: The PaP does move in Der Eisendrache!! However the first location is always next to the rocket.

More information coming soon...