Zombies Zetsubou no Shima - How to get the Skull of Nan Sapwe

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The Skull of Nan Sapwe is a brand new Wonder Weapon in Zetsubou no Shima. In this guide you'll find a complete walkthrough for obtaining this awesome weapon including the necessary steps you must follow.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the term Nan Sapwe actually refers to a Thunder God and it was clear from the original trailer that the skies were alight from a raging thunderstorm. Players will feel they have woken this God as they claim this awesome weapon for their own use.

Of particular importance is the ritual location in Zetsubou no Shima, this hilltop area is a perfect square with four pillars and an altar in the middle. You'll immediately notice the colours on each pillar and the obvious Apothicon symbols. The altar in the middle of the area has four skulls on it, they are black until you light each of them up (more on this below).

Unlike the KT-4, Gas Mask and Machine Parts, the Skull of Nan Sapwe is a Wonder Weapon that is earned through progression rather than built from parts that have been collected. Therefore it is important to read and follow the steps below in the correct order.


If you'd like to see a brief overview of the steps to get this Wonder Weapon and a little gameplay see the video below:

Youtube logo Skull of Nan Sapwe walkthrough



There is a trophy/achievement linked directly to the Skull of Nan Sapwe called "The Ultimate Sacrifice" which requires the player to retrieve the Skull of Nan Sapwe. By retrieve you can guess that we've got to reclaim the Wonder Weapon from somewhere rather than simply build it.

About the Skull item

Skull item

The HUD display in ZnS contains several collectible items, some of which are part of larger buildable items. Of importance for the Skull of Nan Sapwe is the item on the far right which is the actual Skull. Once you pick up this item it appears in your inventory along with other collectible parts.

How to get the Skull of Nan Sapwe

1. Pick up a skull

Slap bang in the middle of the ritual site is an altar with four black skulls on it. Simply walk over and pick up one of the skulls to place it in your inventory. The Skull appears briefly in the top left of the screen before permanently being shown on the right hand side of your inventory panel.

Take note of the Apothicon symbol that is associated with that skull (also shown in the middle of the skull when you pick it up). These vary depending on the skull you pick up and you can even swap out the skull for a different one and come back to it later.

The important part is that there are four skulls which means four tasks in total.

2. Place skull at corresponding altar

Skull on altar

Most of you will remember the soul boxes from Origins (Black Ops 2 zombies) where we had to fill the boxes with souls? It's a similar process in Zetsubou no Shima as well but this time around we're interested in altars and we actually want to protect the skull from zombie attacks instead.

So take the skull from the ritual altar and place it on top of one of the four altars that has the same matching Apothicon symbols on it. These altars are located in different areas of the map (see list below for locations). Once placed the skull floats and turns a blue colour, now protect the skull while new zombies spawn in and after enough time has passed the skull will stop glowing and an audio cue is heard to indicate that you have collected enough souls.

Now pick up the skull again.

For your reference, each of the four altars are found in the locations listed below:

  • By spawn
  • Behind bunker in the docks area
  • Plane wreckage near Lab A (propeller trap area)
  • Lower floor at the back of the Communications Center (test subject room)

If you fail to defend the skull then it will disappear and return to the original altar.

3. Place the skull at the ritual site again

Head to the ritual site again and place the skull back on the altar in the middle of the ritual site. The skull should glow blue to signify that this skull has been completed.

4. Repeat for the remaining skulls (x 3)

Simply repeat the process above for each of the remaining skulls:

  1. Pick up skull
  2. Remember symbols
  3. Locate altar
  4. Place skull
  5. Defend
  6. Return skull

4. Collect the Skull of Nan Sapwe


Like in Der Eisendrache, once you've completed the necessary steps you can pick up the Wonder Weapon from a specific location. This is located underneath the ritual site and as soon as you place the fourth and final skull onto the altar it will crumble away, revealing a secret underground area. You're almost done at this point so rush over to the middle of the room and interact with the Skull.

Ghosts (Keepers) will spawn in through portals so use your best firepower to quickly brush these phantoms aside and help to fill the Skull of Nan Sapwe in the center of the room. After enough souls have been collected the new weapon is yours to pick up and keep. Enjoy!!!

What does the Skull of Nan Sapwe do?

Skull of Nan Sapwe - gameplay

The Wonder Weapon is similar in some ways to Paralyzer from Buried in Black Ops 2. It has two forms of attack, both of which drain the ammo count the longer they are used. You get an initial ammo count of 100. Like other specialist weapons, you need to wait for this weapon to recharge (by killing zombies) and then press both "bumpers" on the controller to arm the weapon.

The two attack modes are:

Vaporize - This mode causes zombies to levitate and then their heads explode.

Mesmerize - This mode simply stuns zombies (or spiders) for as long as you hold down the trigger button.