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Amiga Game - Syndicate
Syndicate was the real time tactical (mafia) style game created in 1993 by Bullfrog. Amiga games used to suffer from limited game time but Syndicate was a big exception.

Controlling your group of cyborgs you had to complete missions in order to earn rewards and upgrade your team of cyborgs with new weapons, armour, skills etc. The ultimate weapons were of course the mingun (Arnie style), flameflower, lasers and the big daddy Gauss gun (rocket launcher). You certainly needed that extra firepower towards the end of the game as enemies would come prepared with their own rocket launchers, flamethrowers and other deadly weapons.

Missions included assassination attempts, theft and infiltration. Although superior firepower would usually overcome the enemy, knowing when to hit and run became more important as you worked through the later missions.

Syndicate will always be one of those games that defined a genre and recent attempts to recreate syndicate have completely missed the point (aka Xbox 360 – Syndicate 2012).

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This Amiga ROM (diskimage) is compatible with all Amiga emulators. This includes emulators for PC, Android, iPhone, Linux, MAC and XBox. We recommend using the WinUAE emulator which is the most reliable Amiga emulator available.

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