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Rave in Redwoods - Zombies Infinite Warfare DLC 1

Rave in Redwoods - Zombies Infinite Warfare DLC 1
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Infinity Ward have confirmed that the first DLC zombies maps for Infinite Warfare will be called Rave in the Redwoods and comes as part of the Sabotage map pack. This zombies map continues the story of the four characters from Zombies in Spaceland and takes them into a horror movie settings with a whole new era to explore.

Update: The map is out, check out the Rave in the Redwoods guides:

Available on the 31st January for PS4, then followed by PC and Xbox One at a later date. The new map moves us into the next sequential decade, the 90's. Expect to see new soundtracks included in the map, with a definite trend towards Rave music and the introduction of cult dance scene back in the 90's.

Redwoods rave area

IW have confirmed that players will travel back to the 1990's to a place which is such a stark contrast to Zombies in Spaceland. Going from the comfort of ZiS with lots of space and lanes into the Redwoods where players are planted in the middle of a horror setting, in an abandoned camp that's been taken over by rave kids.

There are new weapons to try including golf clubs, axes and spiked clubs in addition to new traps and a brand new BOSS called the slasher - an obvious reference to Jason from the Friday 13th movie series.

Official map description

"Rave in the Redwoods, the terrifying new '90s-themed zombies adventure from the twisted imagination of director Willard Wyler."

Watch the Trailer


If you don't have access to YouTube where you are, the images below show some of the new environments, weapons and other features.

New axe weapon
Wielding the Axe weapon

Log cabin
Dark, atmospheric log cabin area

Slasher BOSS
Slasher boss


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