Zombies in Spaceland - All Buildables (Sticker Pack)

Zombies in Spaceland - All Buildables (Sticker Pack)

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Zombies in Spaceland (Zis) contains probably the largest collection of buildables that we've seen in any zombies map to date. Known as the Sticker Pack, the maps buildable items behave differently to what we have seen in previous Treyarch zombies maps.

In total there are seven buildables in ZiS, with most requiring three stickers and the larger X-Quisite needing six stickers (parts) to complete. Below I'll cover each of the buildables, explaining how to get the stickers (parts) and detailing what each of them does.

When you first boot up Infinite Warfare you'll soon notice that ZiS is a particularly large map, comparable in size to possibly Shadows of Evil from Black Ops 3. It's not the hardest map to play, but navigating around to find each of the parts does take some time and a degree of familiarization. Of course, the more you play ZiS the easier it becomes to locate each of the maps regions by memory.

How do you get stickers (parts)

Partial sticker pack

Buildable parts are found in three ways:

1) Randomly located around the map

Once collected, the particular part is shown in the inventory screen under the correct buildable that it relates to.

For example, N3IL's head can be found just before the entrance to Journey into Space and Octonion Pit Stop, this is the second area just after spawn.

2) Sticker reward from Souvenir Machines

Putting the right combination of coins into a Souvenir Machine can reward you with a sticker (WW part). The exact combinations are shown further down the page and chance slightly depending on the region and the part you want to collect.

3) Hidden item

In most cases, the final sticker item for a particular build is hidden behind a series of steps. For example, all of the gems are hidden inside the alligators mouth, behind the Elemental Arcane Core process.

Where do you build them

N3IL build location

Buildables are not built at workbenches in Zombies in Spaceland - they are instead built individually at certain points on the map. For example, N3IL is a partly built robot that needs the remaining three parts adding. You'll find this partially complete robot near the beginning of the map outside the Octonion Pit Stop.

Other buildables are assembled at cardboard cutouts, with one of these available in each region, for each of the ray gun style buildables e.g. Shredder.

Another interesting change to buildables in Infinite Warfare is that a partially built item still provides value. What do I mean by that? Well, the N3IL robot is a good example. Even before all three of his parts have be added, he still begins to move around the map and dish out challenges. When additional parts are added later on he changes once again.

All Buildables

Zombies in Spaceland inventory screen

This list below will be updated as new buildables are discovered...


Stickers: 3

N3IL challenge


N3IL is a robot with a retro green face. He starts by giving players challenges after his head part has been attached. At this point, if you look at the top left corner of the screen random challenges will appear from time to time. In the example image above, N3IL has challenged the players to not go into last stand for a certain time duration.

Completing a challenge increases N3IL's bar and also rewards you with Tickets. Tickets are of course used to buy things such as Redeem Rewind, Arcane Core, Repulser etc.

Unlock Hoff

Successfully completing 5 challenges for N3IL will unlock David Hasselhoff. Simply interact with N3IL at which point the following message appears "Press X to initiate the Knight Industries. Two Thousand protocol". Wait a few seconds and you have an automated mobile defender, in the form of the Hoff.

Part Locations

1. Head: On the cart, in the center of the park.

2. Battery:

  • Counter inside the gift shop in Polar Peak
  • Yellow bench next to the Chronosphere in Kepler System
  • Rubbish bin (trash can) near the Steel Dragon trap in Polar Peak

3. Disk: Underground on a table, below the Astrocade/Polar Peak area.


Stickers: 6

X-Quisite stickers complete

The X-Quisite is one of the weaker Wonder Weapons in the game and is rather strangely locked behind the EE completion. It requires 6 parts (stickers) with four of these parts coming from the same process as the other WW's.

It's worth familiarizing yourself with the process to unlock the other WW's: Head-cutter, Face-Melter, Dischord and Shredder as you'll need to understand how to get Elemental Arcane Cores and the hidden gems inside the alligator. I won't go into depth on these here because the other guides provide enough information.

For now, the steps below outline the high-level process to unlock this weapon:

Step by Step

  1. Acquire an Elemental Arcane Core (Fire, Ice etc.)
  2. Go to the Kepler Area, trap a Brute and claim the crystal/gem inside the alligators mouth
  3. Go to PaP room, interact with the green machine on the left hand side.
  4. A new sticker should get added to your collection
  5. Repeat steps above for each Elemental Core type
  6. Go to the gator's mouth in the Kepler area of the map, buy the Exquisite Arcane Core attachment for 2000 points


Stickers: 3


The Head-Cutter is another of the ray gun style Wonder Weapons which has a excellent one shot kill. Upon a successful hit, zombies will stand stationary before their heads explode. The weapon is still very effective in high rounds making it a good compliment for the main EE.

For a full guide to claiming this Wonder Weapon see: How to get the Head-Cutter

Part Locations

1. Coloured Battery: Use Cryo Grenades to change Yeti's breath to freeze zombies, then kill them with headshots
2. Alien Action Figure: Polar Peak souvenir machine, exchanged using 3 x green tokens.
3. Coloured Emerald: Shoot Ice Arcane Weapon at panels inside the crocodile's mouth in Kepler System.


Stickers: 3

The Face-Melter Wonder Weapon was the last of the sticker pack buildables to be discovered and with good reason. It's battery is hidden behind what originally seemed like a wild idea but in actual fact is completely true. Players need to "juggle" a grenade all the way to the black hold teleporter!

Part Locations

1. Coloured Battery - Turn on the "Future of Travel" portal, throw grenade in and wait for it to return red. Now pick up, throw, pick up, throw the grenade all the way to the PaP teleporter. Throw it inside in exchange for the battery part.
2. Toy Rocket Ship - Journey into Space souvenir machine, exchanged using 3 x blue tokens.
3. Coloured Emerald - Shoot Electric Arcane Weapon at panels inside the crocodile's mouth in Kepler System.


Stickers: 3

Dischord Wonder Weapon

The maps main Wonder Weapon, also known as the "Weapon of Rock". The Dischord is a futuristic looking pistol weapon that fires single shots that upon impact turn into swirling tornadoes of flying rocks - hard to explain but certainly awesome to see in action.

For a full guide to claiming this Wonder Weapon see: How to get the Dischord

Part Locations

1. Red Battery - Shoot five red targets whilst wearing shades.
2. Toy Disco Ball - Astrocade souvenir machine, exchanged using one of each different coloured coins.
3. Green Emerald: - Shoot Gas Arcane Weapon at panels inside the crocodile's mouth in Kepler System.


Stickers: 3

Shredder Wonder Weapon

Another ray gun style Wonder Weapon, the Shredder emits swarms of mites on it's target, that simply shred the zombie to pieces. Although not as strong as Dischord, it's still a good weapon to have on your side.

For a full guide to claiming this Wonder Weapon see: How to get the Shredder

Part Locations

1. Coloured Battery - From the water jets in the Spaceship Slash area of Polar Peak. Randomly appears from any of the vertical jets when they spray water upwards.
2. Alien Toy - Kepler souvenir machine, exchanged using 3 x red coins.
3. Red Emerald - Shoot Fire Arcane Weapon at panels inside the crocodile's mouth in Kepler System.


Stickers: 3

The three stickers under Seti-Com all relate to the main Easter Egg. The stickers are for:

  • Calculator
  • Cassette player (radio)
  • Umbrella

You can find these items randomly scattered around the map, one in each of the main areas (see guide link below for exact locations). After successfully placing and defending the items, the DJ (Hoff) will offer placable Speakers in return for your efforts. See the EE guide for more details.

This post will be continually updated with new information.

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