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ITIL Exam - Which Type of ITIL Training

ITIL training is readily available either online or through ITIL training providers. However, before you divulge into spending vast amounts of cash on training have you considered the alternatives?

ITIL training comes in three distinct varieties; class room training, online or distance learning, and self study. Obviously the price varies depending which option you choose.

Class room training

Class room training is usually the most expensive but can be the most rewarding. Its an opportunity to be taught by an actual IT professional and it gives you the option ask questions and gain real world insight into ITIL practices. These courses are typically better for people with little or no understanding of ITIL, or for those who prefer to be taught than to teach themselves. This also includes those of us whose companies will pay for training!

Online training

Online training is the middle ware between class room training and self study. You'll get all the material you need, usually in a concise and revision ready format. However, you won't get that human interaction that you get with class room training. If you just want to get your hands on the material but are ready to put in the effort to study it yourself, then online ITIL courses are a great choice. In some cases, online training can also include virtual learning. Virtual learning gives you the option to participate in class room style lectures remotely from your home PC.

Self study

Self study, the pinnacle of determination and self discipline. Self study can be the most affordable and most rewarding but sometimes the most frustrating. Before you attempt self study, you'll need to know the best books and resources to help you along the way. Amazon and the official ITIL site have a large collection of ITIL and project management books which easily cover the topics of the ITIL certifications. Cutting the costs of training providers saves a hefty sum of money and gives you the option to study at your own pace. Those without deadlines usually find that self study gives them more time to take in all of the material.

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