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Service Strategy - Organisational Health

We need to understand where we are, because most people don't release. Week in, week out, on a regular basis we need to measure feedback, we've got to analyse and map our health perspective from our particular sector or industry.

Organisational Health
Using business impact criteria, we need to be versatile; we're talking about strategy and managing business impact. If we think about it from an IT perspective, business impact includes things such as initial rate of return, economic indicators and reducing operating costs. This is where we see the first insight into compliance and security. These are really key pieces of the puzzle in the middle of ITIL Service Management that sets the stage for success in the other stages.

We can see a direct correlation between our consumer's operational efficiency and the availability in their ability to be effective and increase revenue. Think about the question - how do we measure organisational health? We start to see a real simple scale in all organisations and that's around their capabilities, where are their capabilities? How much time they spend in sustaining and running the business. We need to change that shift because we need the business to be more strategic and for them to be more operationally healthy. To do this, we need to be able to develop these new capabilities.

The output is clearly being able to manage a budget and know where we are in our spend. The rhythm of the business, the patterns and the BPA, where we going based on our organisational health. Are we heading towards that goal that we talked about, are we meeting that objective.

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