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Applying for Temporary Work - Job Hunting Tips

Temporary work is a common solution to a company's needs. They can employ and lay off staff without the need to train and recruit them through a lengthy process. Employers can also get in as many 'bodies' as they need under the present work load. There is also no burden of insurance contributions or pension schemes.

This type of work presents a great way to gain some work experience and also earn a little extra money. At the end of the day it's always a great way to meet new people and make new friends. These same people can prove invaluable in helping you secure job roles in the future. It can even turn out that the temporary job role turns into a permanent position.

Applying for a temporary position is usually done through an agency who have good ties with the company and are solely responsible for putting forward several people at once. Remember though, that agencies do take a cut of the pay you will receive. This is not something you need to worry about as it's the employer who pays the extra on top of the hourly rate.

There are a wide range of temporary jobs including:

1. Office work including administration

2. Manual work, lifting, packing etc.

3. Events staff, promotions, fund raisers

4. Cleaners, housekeepers, nannies

5. School help, temporary teachers

6. Call centre staff including sales persons

The list just goes on and on. Why not try searching on the internet for lots of temporary job opportunities in your local area.

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