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Add References to your CV

References are commonly added to CV's but they are completely optional. Some people may find that they give them a distinct advantage, others are probably using up valuable space. The list below details the pros and cons of adding references to your CV:


1. You might be able to add respectable people that will give credit towards your application. E.g. managers of well known companies, members of the government etc.

2. The employer can contact references immediately to check your background before they take your application further.

3. References are a good choice if you have not had any work experience yet.


1. References take up valuable space on your CV which can be used for more skills or experience.

2. Some employers see references are unimportant before the interview stage. Another reason to use the space for something else.

3. Contact information for references can change without you knowing. E.g. mobile phone numbers

As with most other sections on your CV, references should only be added if you feel that they will benefit your application. It's just common sense at the end of the day.

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