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Presentation - Interview Tips

Attending an interview is usually a very formal process with set guidelines. The traditional dress for an interview is smart, no jeans or trainers. These days this has changed slightly with some interviewers preferring to conduct interviews in pubs or restaurants on a more comfortable scale for the interviewee.

What to wear for men

1. Smart trousers

2. Smart shirt with tie

3. Suit jacket (a good touch and worth using but is optional)

4. Smart black or brown shoes, cleaned before the interview

What to wear for women

1. Smart trousers of long skirt

2. Smart blouse or top. NO low neck lines unless it's for a modeling job!

3. Hair free flowing, not tied up or pony tails

4. Keep piercings and rings to a minimum for the interview

5. Minimal makeup and lipstick

Do NOT wear

1. Short sleeve shirts or shorts

2. Trainers or sports wear

3. Excessive jewellery

4. Hat, scarf or other head gear

5. Coat during the interview

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