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CV Length - Whats the best CV length

It's a common misconception that CV length is the most important in creating a perfect CV. However, the length of the CV needs to be tailored appropriately based on the content and also the demand for the job role you are applying for.

If you ware applying for an in demand job role it's likely that the employer is going to have a stack full of CV's to get through. In this case, a short and sweet CV will fare better. The flip side of the coin is a job role which requires a good degree of demonstrated experience.

So what is a good length?

A good length would be between 1 and 3 pages. A single page has proven very successful for paper applications but with the age of the internet it's more important to detail good keywords and skills which requires more pages. Going over the 3 page limit will show the employer you cannot target your experiences well and are probably looking to pad your CV out with junk. This is never a good thing.

In combination with length, a good CV must also be readable. It must flow nicely just as if it were a newspaper article, teasing the reader into reading the whole article. Helping people read your CV better doesn't just mean changing the text you are writing. See our tips below on how to change to a more readable CV:

Create a more readable CV

1. Use a good clean font that's readable. A typical font such as Time New Roman, Arial, Lucia Sans or Tahoma

2. Never use fun fonts that have curly letters

3. Do not pad your sentences with jargon

4. Use bullet points to clearly show key points

5. Use tables to organize names, dates and skills

6. Refrain from using I (myself, me) too much

7. Use space wisely, don't cram paragraphs together without spaces

8. Refrain from using large fonts or Bold at the top of your CV for your name and address

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