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Create a great profile for your CV - Personal details, Main Skills, Experience

The first section of a profile is the most important. People generally tend to reserve this section of the CV for the Profile. The profile section allows you to list key skills and experience which the employer is looking for in the new role. If you manage to grab your readers attention at the beginning of the CV there's more chance they will read the whole CV.

The profile section can be used to detail the following information:

1. An overview of yourself and who you are. A nice sentence or two is enough to give a flavor for the person you are. Try and spend a fair amount of time on this section as it will be the very first impression the employer sees of you.

2. Main skills and experience. Tailor this section towards the job role so that the employer can see straight away that you have the skills required. Experience is also good to list in your profile, although your profile should be short and sweet so you might prefer to keep your experiences in a different section.

3. Personal attributes. These can make a big difference to your application process. Employers are not looking for a robot to come and work with them. You need to show that you are approachable person, who communicates well and takes pride in their work. Remember, it's important to show that you have a life outside of work.


Use positive words
Try using longer words which are more descriptive than several shorter ones
Make your sentences flow well, almost like the start of a book

When creating your profile, try not to go over 70 words. It must be long enough to give a brief overview of you, but also enough to make the employer want to read more.

Examples of profile sentences:

1. Able to organise people and systems effectively to achieve business objectives
2. Used to working under pressure and to meeting strict deadlines.
3. Ambitious and enthusiastic, with a mature approach to life.
4. An accomplished and qualified business and personal accountant
5. A conscientious and reliable doctor trained to degree level
6. Self motivated, with an outgoing personality and the determination to succeed.

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