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How to write a great covering letter

The Covering Letter is a formal part of a job application that goes hand in hand with your CV. Use it wisely as a covering letter can help make or break a job application.

So what should you include with a covering letter? Well a covering letter is your chance to expand on points in your CV that are appropriate to the job role you are applying for. Unlike the CV, the covering letter doesn't need to list everything you have done. Instead it's a chance to focus the readers attention early on. Another reason you should write a covering letter is that it highlights your interest in the position you are applying for.

When do you need a covering letter? You should use a covering letter if applying for a job position at an organization or to a specific person. You should not use a covering letter if an agency is applying on your behalf. Remember, that your covering letter isn't always read by employers but it is still worth spending time on.

How long should a covering letter be? A covering letter should be now more than a page in length.

The following tips will help you write the perfect covering letter:

1. Always use a spelling or grammar checker

2. Try and find out the person name so that you can write Dear Mr Smith

3. Make sure you sell yourself

4. Should be readable with a good layout

5. Highlight key points from your CV

6. Use positive words and end the letter well by saying I hope to hear from you shortly or I look forward to hearing from you

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