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Applying to unadvertised jobs

Many people forget that job adverts are the only way they can apply for jobs. The internet has helped kill off the traditional process of applying to companies directly. However, you can have great success by applying to companies directly. Before you rush out and apply to every company under the sun, remember that you need to tailor your covering letter and CV even more to catch the readers attention. They are not looking to recruit someone so you need to convince them that you would be a good candidate should they want to in the near future.

So how do you go about applying to a company directly?

First and foremost you will need to do a lot of research into the company to be sure that your skills suit the type of work they undertake. It also a good idea to pick out peoples name and roles. Targeting the right person is the most important part if you don't want your CV to be lost in the midst of their day to day business.

Where to find companies

The best place to find companies is on the internet. Using Google as a search engine, look for companies within your comfort zone that match you previous experience or skill set. Another great source of company information is local business directories where you will be able to find names and addresses.

Other forms of job hunting can include looking in local newspapers and magazines. These receive a smaller audience then the internet and may prove more useful in finding a job role.

Another one of the lesser known job hunting techniques if through family, friends or ex-colleagues who might be able to put your name forward for a position. This can prove extremely useful in getting to the front of the queue just so long as you can work with them!

Things to remember

Applying for jobs directly is a slow process. Even if a company likes you CV they may not be looking for a new employee for several months. This means you must play the waiting game before you will hear anything back.

By applying directly you are likely to be top of the pile if a job does become available.

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