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Career History - Tips for a Better CV

When an employer reads your career history they are looking for the following:

Where have you worked and in what roles
How long have you worked there
What did you achieve there
What responsibilities did you have
What skills

If you have never written a CV before remember the following common mistakes:

1. You should not put the address of the company you worked for. However, you can include the geographical location such as London to show experience working in a large city.

2. Do not describe the company's mission or place in the market. Concentrate more on the skills you developed there and your role in the company.
3. Refrain from using too much jargon that the employer does not understand. On the flip side of the coin, this can be tailored for each CV if you think that the employer will understand and possibly be looking for that particular jargon or expression.

How far back should you go in your career history?

The rule of thumb is - the further back your job role the less you should write about it. Employers generally don't want to know about a role 10 years ago in a technology which is now out of date. Try and focus on new roles and experiences that you have been involved in.

If you are a school leaver than detail all of your work experiences

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